Green industry account, Saint-Gobain acquisitions, 100% French yeast… The seven good news of the week

A green industry bill

A French “inflation reduction law”? This is more or less what Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire proposed on Thursday, January 5, 2023, when announcing a bill for green industry. “Our goal is for France to become the first green nation in Europe“, he declared. This text, presented in the summer of 2023, should in particular allow “speed up the authorization process for new industrial installationsaccording to Bruno Le Maire, and facilitate the rehabilitation of vacant lots. But also to createa more attractive tax environment for green industry“.

American company John Deere is installing a line of electric batteries

John Deere, world leader in agricultural tractors, will invest around 30 million euros and create 60 jobs to establish its new electric battery activity at its facilities in Orléans (Loiret). These will not be intended for motorization of vehicles, but for all auxiliary functions on board. Scheduled for 2024, the line will be located in a reconfigured 2,700 square meter storage building.

Saint-Gobain makes two new acquisitions

The frenzy of acquisitions does not abandon Saint-Gobain. The construction materials giant is going to acquire the Brazilian Matchem and is preparing to take over the Egyptian IDP Chemicals, it announced this Wednesday (January 4). Saint-Gobain, which has 24 factories in Brazil, acquired another two in the country and should acquire one in Cairo (Egypt), after signing the agreement with IDP Chemicals. These two transactions consolidate Saint-Gobain’s position as number two in the world in construction chemicals.

Eurogerm invests in a 100% French sourdough factory

Eurogerm, a world specialist in ingredients and technological aids at the heart of the Wheat-Flour-Bread sector, is investing 21 million euros in the construction of a factory for the production of natural yeast. The 13,000 square meter site will be located in Saint-Apollinaire (Côte-d’Or), just a few kilometers from the company’s headquarters and current production tool. The company, which currently buys its raw materials, including sourdough, in Europe wants to produce a 100% French solution.

Socofer will equip the future lines of the Grand Paris metro

A contract worth gold. The railway equipment manufacturer Socofer won a mega-order from the Société du Grand Paris to supply 17 locomotives equipped with a 1,000 kilowatt hybrid electric motor, powered by catenaries and batteries. They will bring wagons that will maintain subway lines 15, 16 and 17, currently under construction. The value relates to 80 million euros for Socofer, with the delivery of the locomotives scheduled for the end of 2025.

Admir wants to speed up cancer diagnosis

Founded in 2022 by CEA researchers, the French start-up Admir presented its prototype imaging system at CES in Las Vegas, which took place from January 5th to 8th. Thanks to its innovation, it promises to divide the time of cancer diagnosis by 100, thus facilitating the work of laboratories and hospitals. “With current devices, cancer analysis can take anywhere from two days to three weeks. The system is completely clogged because the number of exams increases exponentially. Our device can reduce this analysis time to one hour“Explains Admir’s CEO to L’Usine Nouvelle.

Sterne opens a new, more cost-effective workshop

Specialized in the manufacture of silicone parts for industry, Sterne SME faces, like many other companies, rising energy prices. The SME will thus set up a production workshop”running on UV silicone curing technology for extrusion, molding and additive manufacturing instead of using heat“explains the CEO, Céline Laget. This technology will allow to obtain a crosslinking reaction at less than 70 degrees faster, consuming less energy than conventional crosslinking ovens or heated presses.

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