Three French launch an app dedicated to 100% safe sexting

Use a specially dedicated sex app without being afraid to find your practices and preferences scattered across the web. Reach out to people who share your interests without worrying too much about confidentiality. That’s what the Blyynd app offers, selected and presented at CES Las Vegas 2023. An app developed since April 2022 by Tanguy Fallard, Cyrille Heimburger and Guillaume Colas, two young men from Strasbourg and a man from Lyon, graduated in computer engineering, arts and professions, entrepreneurship, or even digital transformation at a business school. Blyynd is a new overtly sexual mobile app dedicated to sexting. Understand explicit conversations, texts and photos.

It allows its users, according to the young entrepreneurs, “to live a virtual and interactive sexual experience in a totally safe way”. The ethos is to “prioritize emotional connection and nurturing conversations, ensuring sexual compatibility,” assures Blyynd. A mobile app that would offer “a positive and healthy experience for sexual well-being, validated by sexologists”, continues Tanguy Fallard. The idea is to be a real substitute for pornography, ethical and inclusive, that allows a change as fast as watching a video”.

An idea developed during the first confinement, when “sexting was gaining strength”, recalls Tanguy Fallard. After realizing that the existing solutions were mostly focused on physical encounters, sometimes unclear in their real intentions, the trio then went on an adventure and created their own application. “We offer a totally virtual and safe interaction, where eventually we will be able to connect sex toys and allow a physical experience combined with a virtual experience. At the moment we can chat with the right person, send photos, videos and soon the possibility of making live audio and video calls. »

Encryption and artificial intelligence

At the heart of the project, security and consent. “Everything is completely encrypted. We don’t have a copy of the conversations on the servers, they are stored between your phone and the person you are chatting with. If either of you loses the phone, well, you lose the conversation, guarantees Tanguy Fallard. Solutions for more confidentiality, but also for moderating conversations using artificial intelligence, capable of moderating content. Aim, avoid, block any child pornography, racist, anti-semitic videos and even the possibility to block dickpics. “AI to moderate requests that go beyond the scope of the application, illustrates the young entrepreneur “how to try to sell photos, things out of the ordinary”.

The application also offers the possibility for the community to report any type of use other than the one for which it was designed. Impossibility of taking screenshots, verification of profiles by selfie, possibility of verifying the age of users… dedicated, made and thought for this, specifies Tanguy Fallard. On the security side, we are at the best of what we can do. »

Concretely, before reaching seventh heaven, you must first create your (anonymous) profile. All you have to do is select your sexual preferences to discover a stream of profiles. Users can then get in touch when there is a mutual interest, leading to “an erotic exchange, totally safe”, insists Tanguy Fallard. More than 600 people so far are using and testing this app for free. Blyynd hopes to launch in the French market and internationally (especially in the US) this year. The concept, officially presented at CES 2023, also aims to raise funds until July 2023. In addition to the connection to sex toys, they hope to soon be able to interact… in the metaverse.

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