“AgriTech: the ecosystem is at a tipping point” according to Jérôme Le Roy of La Ferme Digitale

In 2022, La Ferme Digitale start-ups raised more than 210 million euros, is that a record?

Jérôme Le Roy: In total, we have reached more than 1 billion euros since the creation of La Ferme Digitale. This is not a record because in 2020, yinsect raised 300 million euros. On the other hand, it is a real turning point in the number of operations with 19 start having achieved large fundraising in a variety of themes. This year proves the resilience of the ecosystem with the entry into a new cycle, the best start-ups becoming leaders and new sectors emerging.

This year proves the resilience of the ecosystem with the entry into a new cycle

Do you observe the arrival of new investors?

We see the diversity in financing source with a very high number of Business Angels networks and networks of entrepreneurs who confirm their interest in agricultural professions and the food industry. Added to this are the traditional investment funds and the arrival of larger and more international funds as start-ups accelerate their development in France and abroad.

Do you consider that AgriTech is at a turning point?

Yes, we are reaching a turning point in the ecosystem, we are in a phase where companies move towards industrial or international scale, two very delicate but decisive phases to guarantee jobs and the sustainability of innovative technology and the quality of services. . But it is also a turning point in the emergence of innovations that you can discover in International Agricultural Exhibition at the La Ferme Digitale stand.

How do you imagine 2023?

We can clearly see that the climate, environmental and food issues will continue to take center stage. The further we go, the more critical it becomes. It is fundamental to continue with this dynamic in the creation and distribution of solutions adapted to the real problems of the farmer, of agriculture and this, to the consumer. 2023 will be a year in which we will continue to see new themes emerge around the carbonof biotechnologies (transfer of research technology to start-up players and vice versa), from woodof viticultureof’to feed.

We want to be a much more attractive sector

The subject of talent and recruitment in the sector continues to be a concern but also an opportunity, it is not so easy to recruit in theAgriTech despite the possibilities of rich and diversified careers. The year 2023 should make it possible to affirm and better explain the real benefits that start-ups bring to farmers or consumers and attract more people to the sector. We want to be a much more attractive sector. “You can make a career at Agritech like in agriculture and contribute to a sustainable and efficient agriculture » : this is the message we want to convey.

Will La Ferme Digitale diversify into food?

Historically, we have tended to favor Agritech, but we are diversifying to food Technology, wood, wine. We started to see new candidates arriving at La Ferme Digitale positioned in new ways of eating based on plant fermentationnew methods of lactic fermentation or sameinsect breeding intended for human and animal consumption, for example.

France has a card to play to become a leader in fermentation-based products

Foreign startups that have entered the plant-based or cultured meat market are suffering setbacks…

In France, we are historically less financed and therefore much more cautious in terms of business. We have a strong agricultural sector and recognition of the value of food. France and Europe are back at the forefront in these matters.

We created the association to bring together within us the actors who serve the agricultural professions and our French production force. More recent startups that launch new products or new food production processes are part of the French and international scene. At La Ferme Digitale, these startups are starting to appear and we must support these innovations, which come from the living forces of French research recognized worldwide.

This gives real opportunities for French and European players to become leaders.

Summary of the 19 fundraising from Fazenda Digital start-ups in 2022

startup name


raise value



Design and production of biosolutions for agriculture and livestock

2.4 million euros

Business Angels, Sowefund, Naco


Crowdfunding platform dedicated to agriculture and food

40 million euros

european debt fund


Production of high nutritional quality proteins from the transformation of forest and agricultural residues

12 million euros

recovery of France


Aquaponics in a salty environment

3 million euros

France Recovery and BPI France


Shrimp aquaculture farm model with low environmental impact

4.9 million euros

Private investors, Le Gouessant, Bamboo, Litto Invest, BPI France, Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest, CIC Ouest

Connecting Food

Platform using blockchain for field-to-plate traceability

2.7 million euros

Historical Investors and Business Angels


smart irrigation

2 million euros

Demeter, Bank of Territories, CMA CGM Ventures


Digital solutions to monitor winemaking steps in real time

2 million euros

Demeter, Atlantic Vendée Innovation, Holnest, Cegid, Business Angels.


Biostimulants and bioherbicides containing natural peptides

8.5 million euros

Fall Line Capital, Supernova Invest, Sofinnova Partners, FMC Ventures, Irdi Capital Investissement


New technologies adapted to tropical climates

2.2 million euros

Adicap, Tomcat Factory, Guadeloupe Region, Crédit Agricole de Guadalupe


Community market dedicated to wine

4 million euros

Demeter IM


Production of new proteins for animal feed by breeding insects

15 million euros

Idia Capital Investment, Agri Impact, UI Investment, Crédit Agricole Center France, Limagrain


Digital specialist in the storage of agricultural raw materials

10 million euros

NextStage AM, Idia Capital Investissement, Sparkling Partners, Unilis Agtech, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie


Data exchange platform with agricultural equipment

1 million euros

Business Angels from the networks WeLike, Insead, Joj capital, Netangels, Altens Innovation, India Lima, Randalli, BPI France and Grand Est


Short circuit of the sea inspired by baskets of vegetables

8 million euros

Arkea Capital, Idia Capital Investissement, Quadia, NCI


Geographic information, data analysis and visualization for sustainable agriculture

1.2 million euros

Sodero Management, Earthworm Foundation


E-commerce website selling fertilizers, seeds and farm equipment

60 million euros

Temasek, TreïsGroup, Aliment Capital, Eurazeo


Vineyard mapping by drone and satellite


Cleantech Business Angels, Gadzarts Business Angels, Bourgogne Franche-Comté Angels, France 2030


agricultural robots

32 million euros

Demeter, CapAgro, Bpifrance, Mirova, M Capital, Aris

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