CES 2023: these young entrepreneurs present their start-up in Las Vegas

Posted on Jan 5, 2023, 3pmUpdated Jan 5, 2023, 3:17 PM

The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s largest consumer electronics show and opens its doors to start-ups from around the world in Las Vegas from Thursday, January 5th to Sunday, January 8th. And, cocoricorico, France is the largest foreign delegation this year, with 200 young tricolor offspring present, although it does not rival its previous attendance records (376 in 2019, for example). Among those that made the trip this year, we selected five founded by entrepreneurs under 35 years old, in areas as diverse as music, smart materials and even electric boats.

UpFiner: thieves will no longer hurt you

The story begins with a vacation in Spain. While walking along the beach, Brice Cavelier – one of the two co-founders of Toulouse-based start-up UpFiner – notices a sign saying “beware of theft, beware of your belongings”. From then on, the idea of ​​a portable safe with an alarm germinated in him: the friend who accompanied him, to whom he presented his idea, told him that if he invented it, he would buy it. The UpFiner concept was born: the start-up sees the light of day at the end of 2021. After a fundraising campaign, its portable safe (in briefcase form) is presented for the first time at CES: equipped with a movement of the sensor, it alerts you with its audible alarm up to 100 meters away. Its price: 129 euros.


LED piano: learn piano (very) easily

Who says you can’t be a student and an entrepreneur at the same time? In the second year of his master’s degree at the École des Mines in Douai, Antony Bitar, 22, is already running his own company. Created in 2021, its young shoot Piano Led offers software that makes learning the piano easier. Concretely, you choose a piece you want to learn on your keyboard, and a strip made up of LEDs illuminates the keys to be pressed to advance in the piece and, thus, guide you throughout the score. While more than two out of three apprentice musicians drop out after a year, the startup aims to buck the trend. But it will still cost around 300 euros to get the product.

Touch sensitivity: from Ukraine… to smart materials

Behind this start-up created in December 2019 is Anna Pugach, a researcher in robotics and cognitive sciences. Of Ukrainian origin, this thirty-year-old young woman arrived in France to study electrical engineering. After a thesis on developing artificial skin for robotics, she joined forces with Mehdi El Hafed, also an engineer, to launch Touch Sensity, a technology that makes materials smart. The start-up is more specifically aimed at the industrial sector where: It can be used to find the source of a breakdown in a train, a plane or even a car. The Bordeaux company has already signed a dozen contracts with major European players in the aeronautics, space and even railway sectors.

Lizia: making reading more enjoyable

Imagine, you’re snuggled up in your duvet next to your bed, comfortably immersed in a (good) romance. The problem is that it’s not very easy to keep a book open with one hand. Lizia was created to solve this (painful) problem: this little plastic contraption fits under your thumb and holds the work open with one hand. Designed by two young Breton engineering students, Cédric Le Guern and Lucas Moysan, Lizia also illuminates the pages and serves as a bookmark thanks to a small rod. The product is 100% made in France, made in Brittany and Vendée. Available in five different colors, it is sold at a price of 19 euros.

Weenav: turning thermal boats into electric boats

Behind this young offspring are three childhood friends – Antoine Bouchez, Kevin Capendu and Anthony Tartare -, all engineers from the north of France. Their idea? Reduce the environmental impact of the maritime sector, which weighs 1,000 tons of CO2 per year. As ? Offering a solution to transform thermal boats into bespoke electric or hybrid boats. An alternative that would also reduce CO2 emissions by 56% compared to building an electric boat.

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