an innovative start-up that opts for transparency

Faced with the many scams present in the emergency repair industry, a young French start-up opted for transparency and reliability. Specialized in window repair, Artisan Vitrier offers interventions anywhere in Paris and Ile-de-France, at a fair price, which allows it to build a reputation of trust among its many customers.

Broken window, stuck steering wheel… For an emergency intervention, it’s not always easy to make the right choice in a moment of panic, and find a reliable professional. The account may come out higher than expected, with increases for interventions at night or on weekends, for example. Faced with the proliferation of dubious companies and the usual repeated scams, the startup chose transparency and honesty to respond, among other things, to urgent requests. With a free online quote service before the intervention, you will know exactly how much the operation will cost and the travel expenses included. Control your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Who is the artisan glazier?

Broken shutters, broken windows or installation of new glass, double glazing… Artisan Vitrier stood out in the French market for the diversity of its offer and the quality of its services. But not only that, as the start-up is distinguished by core values:

The reactivity:

Artisan Vitrier demonstrates extreme speed. The teams intervene, if necessary, within 30 minutes to install the glass and repair it in an emergency. Depending on your needs, you can choose a glazier who will travel to serve you as quickly as possible, efficiently.


This is certainly the most important promise for the company. Artisan Vitrier makes a point of offering transparent and detailed quotes to give you all the lines of human and material costs inherent to the services, at the right price and without any commitment.


Qualified technicians and engineers intervene for any type of glazing project, but also for repairing or unlocking blinds. In addition, the Artisan Vitrier team collaborates with glass professionals to obtain the right materials for any intervention.

Guarantee :

Another commitment from this company specializing in glass, all its work is carried out with a guarantee of at least one year, whether it is an installation or simple repairs.

The fair price:

Craftsman Vitrier should not be ashamed of his fame. If you usually bill by the hour, the price of an intervention varies depending on the materials used (glass, wood, locks, etc.). That said, the glass specialist is one of the cheapest professionals on the market in Île-de-France. The price is always subject to a careful study of its competitors to guarantee competitive and fair prices, without neglecting the quality of the work.

Undisputed quality for a reliable supplier

Individual as a company, Artisan Vitrier equips you with domestic glass and commercial glass. To meet the diverse needs of the Île-de-France region, the start-up technicians and engineers know how to adapt. The scope of interventions is therefore wide to offer various types of services:

  • Installation of glass plates;
  • Repair of double glazing;
  • Mirrors, trays and shelves;
  • Skylight and glazed roof;
  • Installation of hatches for cats;
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of mirrors;
  • repair of blinds;
  • Installation or replacement of glass doors;
  • Plexiglas glass installations.

The teams of the company Artisan Vitrier Paris do not skimp on the reliability of their products. In the manufacturing cycle, each product undergoes rigorous glass resistance tests, studied and validated in collaboration with business experts such as architects, but also award-winning engineers and Parisian manufacturers. Thus making it possible to meet the demands of demanding customers with reliable products, equipped with advanced technologies, but also aesthetics. Both for individuals and professionals, the work carried out by Artisan Vitrier is a success with satisfied customers who do not hesitate to recommend it for installation or repair.

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