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“It’s not very sexy working in the funeral industry. » Lillian Delaveau, 28 years old, chose the funeral sector to undertake. Far from the gloomy image of the undertaker, he wants to dust off the undertaker profession. His project he defended during the last season of the television show “Who wants to be my partner? ”, broadcast on M6 from January 12, 2022. In front of a jury of uncomfortable investors, he presented Requiem Memory, a QR code to be placed on graves to access a video of the deceased.

The program “Who wants to be my partner? gave the project a real boost. The only member of the jury decided to invest in the project, Anthony Bourbon bet 40,000 euros, against 25% of the shares. At the time, his choice was not unanimous. “It’s a bit of my pride, it was a battlefield because the subject was divisive”, boasts the investor entrepreneur who founded the start-up Feed. The entrepreneurial investor’s idea: going beyond a simple QR code. “When we first met, I told him about a Doctolib of death,” recalls the investor. The duo then transforms the technological tool into a BtoC marketplace that manages the entire administrative and financial part. Thus was born Life!. The start-up “celebrates the life lived by the deceased”, details its founder Lilian Delaveau. And the QR code behind the project is one of the services offered by the startup. Launched on January 23, Life! will allow bereaved families to prepare funerals for their loved ones online.

Partners since October 2021, Lilian Delaveau and Anthony Bourbon form an atypical duo: on the one hand, a very reserved young Rennais and, on the other, a frank thirty-year-old. The first deals with business development and serves funeral homes that perform services related to burials. The second accompanies you in the development and strategy to be implemented. “I’m here to shake up entrepreneurs, not tell them what to do,” says Anthony Bourbon. The company plans to reach one million monthly trading volumes in the first year.

From right to left, Lilian Delaveau teamed up with investor Anthony Bourbon in October 2021 to develop their deathtech start-up Life!.

The advantages of the business angel

Lilian Delaveau held her first fundraiser for a total amount of one million euros, prior to the broadcast of the program in early 2022 thanks to Feed CEO networks. “His contacts saved me weeks of discussions with investors to obtain funds”, says the young founder. A very useful introduction for the businessman who managed to convince 21 investors and reached a valuation of almost €10 million in March 2022.

In addition to finance, Anthony Bourbon advises his colt in the area of ​​human resources, namely in the recruitment of key positions. It puts the project in perspective and allows the entrepreneur to take the necessary step before incurring expenses. “We call each other regularly to keep up to date”, specifies the mentor. Since the shooting, they have exchanged quarterly advice (oversight and strategy committees, editor’s note) to advise on what to do next. Last example? The launch plan for Life! .: “Entrepreneurs tend to quickly deploy large budgets before they have tested their audience”, says the mentor who preferred an Instagram marketing plan to a large poster campaign.

Success in your pitch

Life! became one of the examples of success stories of the TV show. “It was the M6 ​​that approached me”, recalls the founder of Life!, without the slightest regret. He recommends giving it a try, at least to get some visibility to the general public. And to seduce program investors, “the most important thing is to involve the jury in a human adventure and prove that the product or service responds to the needs of a market”, stresses Anthony Bourbon. Recommendations to follow for the next candidates!

Season 3 of “Who Wants to Be My Partner? »

The M6 ​​television show returns on January 4, 2023. Out of nearly 3,000 applicants, over 40 of them have submitted their projects. Listening to them, a demanding jury made up of the usual Delphine Andrée, Anthony Bourbon, Eric Larchevêque, Jean-Pierre Nadir and Marc Simoncini. New this year, Canadian Isabelle Chevalier joined the jury members to invest in France. The investor has already supported entrepreneurial projects within a similar program in Canada called In the Eye of the Dragon. Five to six programs are planned by the channel, broadcast on Wednesdays at 21:10.

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