Better internet access on board your motorhome: the Starlink revolution is coming

The operation of Starlink is revolutionary: with a simple portable antenna and a router, you benefit from a stable and high-performance connection at very high speed, via satellite. You can watch high-definition streaming videos, make video calls or watch a sporting event on TV. All without relying on 4G. A revolutionary and affordable innovation: 100€/month for a package adapted to the motorhome, and a single material cost of 450€.

On our motorhome trips, we all need a good internet connection. Most of us are content with 4G on our phone. Problem: Territories do not all benefit from the same coverage. And depending on the time, it can stop. Even with a powerful 4G router, equipped with an external antenna and an amplifier, the connection will not be perfect everywhere or all the time. Therefore, some motorhomes receive internet via satellite. But until now it was a rather expensive solution, rarely offered as an option. Starlink’s arrival in Europe is certainly a game changer.

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Laurent, motorhome owner and Starlink user

To find out, we contacted Laurent, who already uses Starlink. “It is in the center and southwest of France that I travel most often by motorhome. Sometimes I work remotely on board and, like everyone else, I use the internet for my emails, to make calls and even to watch television. What I like about Starlink technology is that I’m completely independent: I’m not dependent on the 4G problems everyone is facing, and in particular the gray areas. You know, those geographic areas where the internet is less well received and those times of day when the network weakens because everyone is connecting at the same time. If you stayed by the sea in August, you might have noticed that the flow gets really bad between 10am and 1pm or between 6pm and midnight.

Laurent, motorhome operator: “What I like about this product is its autonomy, it no longer depends on the network.”

Laurent uses Starlink during his motorhome trips.

Better and faster internet connection

The device proposed by Starlink is visionary. It is based on a constellation of thousands of small satellites, created specifically for Starlink and positioned in low orbit. They are much closer to Earth than the geostationary satellites usually dedicated to internet connections. This avoids the characteristic latency of satellite internet (less than 50ms for Starlink, versus approximately 600ms for a traditional system). Mostly, the yield is excellent. Under good conditions, it approaches the performance of fiber: around 100 Mbps. Starlink allows you to make internet calls, even video calls, or watch internet television. When your smartphone only displays a 4G connection bar, your Starlink connection is good enough to stream a movie.

“The connection is very stable and the speed is excellent. I still have network. Even in bad weather, it works well.”

Easy setup

This device is particularly suitable for motorhome use. The set includes a support antenna, router and cables. Count 5.5 kg in total. That is very easy to install, explains Laurent. I place the antenna 5 or 10 meters from the vehicle, facing north, making sure there are no tall obstacles nearby. I plug the modem into a 220V converter connected to the vehicle’s 12V battery. The antenna is motorized, it locks onto Starlink satellites.

Best internet access in a motorhome with Starlink
Even in the middle of nature, in places poorly served by 4G, Starlink maintains a high-performance connection.

Satellite Internet at an affordable price

In all, the Starlink Recreational Vehicles kit costs €450 for the hardware, plus €100 a month for the connection. Laurent, he pays one hundred euros a month. Thanks to this package, he can connect wherever he is. The kit is guaranteed for 2 years.

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Starlink for motorhome: user manual

To be able to use Starlink on board your motorhome, it is essential to choose a package that allows you to use the service wherever you are. This is the case of the €100 package referred to in this article. The system cannot operate while driving. To establish the connection, your antenna must be positioned outside the vehicle, facing North. No obstacles must come between the antenna and the satellites. Your router must be powered by 220V. The antenna automatically points in the right direction and you can enjoy the very high speed internet connection.

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