Alongside farmers, a start-up from Toulouse will raise more than one million euros

At the age of 25, Grégoire Dupré has been at the helm of Abelio for several years. Based in Toulouse, the start-up will have a decisive year in 2023. (© Gregoire Dubre)

2023 will start drums for Abelio. This start-up located in Toulouse and created six years ago, will raise more than one million euros to increase its aid to farmers. A big change for one of its co-founders, Gregoire Dupre25 years old.

“I was devastated inside”

Abelio was co-founded six years ago by Grégoire Dupré. Originally from Rieux-Volvestre, south of Toulouse, 25 year old studied at the MET School of Engineering in Boston, USA. At just 19 years old, he decided to “found the company Abelio, willing to change agriculture. My grandparents were farmers and I was always moved by that”.

Grégoire Dupré is not alone, he is with Philip, your helper, who brings the project to life. “He is a co-founder and has 64 years. He joined me and brought all your knowledge, all his experience in management and all his knowledge in business management. And behind this union, the environmental issue is obviously in the game.

“Like many young people of my generation, I have a sensitive chord with the environmental side. Agriculture is an area I know well. Abelio’s objective is to provide financial optimization for farmers, throughout the social and sustainable part of agriculture. Today, if you don’t talk about profitability in a company, it’s not very viable. But at the same time, allied to this financial part, it must necessarily associate an environmental component. C This is the essence of the Abelio project.”

Gregoire DupreCo-founder of Abelio

tools for farmers

Specifically, how does Abelio work? “We create tools that allow farmers to act consciously, a risk or a cultural need, to really bring the necessary input to the right place at the right time”, explains Grégoire Dupré. The startup works “only with cooperatives and agro-industries”.

The farmer, who can have the application on his cell phone, will subscribe to Abelio’s services, entering various information. “He will complete the outline of his plot, The culture in place, what he has sown before, says the 25-year-old businessman. We work with the fusion of data, with different sources: satellite, drone, meteorology and agronomy, to make a single advice. »

All these elements will allow the user to “optimize your nitrogen fertilization, better manage your herbicides, fungicides, etc. The objective is to offer a tool to the technicians of agricultural cooperatives so that they have a overview of their territory, but also directly to farmers, so that they have a detailed view of their farm and know what to do, for what time, and in what amount “.

On the way to a new dimension

In six years, Abelio has grown. ONE fortnight of collaborators feed the project, which extends for no less than ” 150,000 hectares in France. This represents 20,000 farmers. We are starting to work in Belgium and Canada”, evaluates Grégoire Dupré. “We have already proven ourselves technically. now we have to commercially develops our subject. »

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“A little more than one million euros is being raised. It should end in January, early February. Its objective is to be able to recruit, set up communication marketing actions, develop this brand and our commercial network in France. leader in number of distributors of decision-making tools. The objective is to continue expanding in terms of customers, products, services in France and abroad.”

Gregoire Dupre

The coming deadlines promise to be exciting. “I was talking about fertilization, disease management, weeds, water. But tomorrow there will be other matters to deal with: the insects, or other products phytopharmaceuticals… The goal is to grow in terms of the tools that we can provide to farmers. » Who leaves a year 2022 trying, marked by drought in all moments.

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