the WiSEED platform signs a contract with the Blast investment club

Mathilde Iclanzan, executive director of WiSEEDannounced in December 2022 the association, in the form of a tied agent contract, of the Toulouse crowdfunding platform with the “business angel” Anthony Bourbon. The director of Toulouse answers questions from the independent opinion.

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In a nutshell, can you introduce WiSEED?

WiSEED is a crowdfunding platform, known as “crowdfunding platform”, which was established in 2008 in Toulouse, on the initiative of Thierry Merquiol and Nicolas Sérès. His job was to support start-ups, thanks to his idea, they were able to connect companies looking for funding and people looking to invest their savings.

To date, we are around forty specialists in financing and investment who support, on the one hand, companies to raise funds to finance its development and, on the other hand, investors who want to make sense of their savings by becoming shareholders in these companies or bondholders, that is, creditors, with the promise of high returns.

Why did you create this crowdfunding site, which has become a reference in France?

To facilitate the linking companies and investor-savers. Crowdfunding has always existed, by the way, the Statue of Liberty was financed by crowdfunding for example, but the innovation in 2008 resided in the digital approach, which allows investors to make their decision to save online, autonomously, cheaply and transparent. The Private Capital, which is a investment in start-ups, was previously reserved for a world of insiders who invested in closed networks, such as business angel, Where family offices.

For the first time, thanks to WiSEED, it was possible to become a shareholder in a company from 100 euros, in significant and concrete projects, to live an entrepreneurial adventure, rigorously selected and accompanied by professionals, with the promise of financial profitability. Remember, however, that investing in start-ups or real estate projects involves risk of loss of invested capital and that you must be vigilant and fully understand what you are investing in. The returns are very high, but so are the risks, even though WiSEED has gained very strong experience in project selection.

Since the creation of WiSEED, how many projects have you helped?

We finance more than 850 projects for more than 400 million euros, which we just reached on December 31st. There are more than 200 financed start-ups and 650 real estate projects for an average IRR of 9% per year, and above all thousands of jobs created, financed innovations in energy transition, health, developed SMEs, constructed housing, renovated buildings, eco-districts.

It should also be remembered that WiSEED is a company with a mission, and that we select projects for funding in accordance with strict environmental and social criteria that we describe in the presentation of projects.

How did the WiSEED collaboration with Anthony Bourbon come about?

Anthony is known and recognized for his participation in the “Who wants to be my partner” program as a passionate investor who knows how to identify promising companies. He decided to create an Investors Club called “BlastClub“to allow individuals who are not investment professionals to invest alongside him. We met through social networks, and the contact was made quite naturally.

We share the same desire to democratize access to investment in innovative unlisted companies, for a long time reserved for a handful of initiates. This partnership is an alliance between two companies, each a specialist in its field: Anthony, through its expertise and its network that allows it to identify high value-added businesses, and WiSEED, for its expertise in due diligence, selection and assembly. compliance and through its technological platform.

What does “bound agent contract” mean?

This is a regulatory term. Remember that WiSEED is an investment firm approved by the Bank of France with the ACPR and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). We develop our activity within a demanding and restrictive regulatory framework to inform and protect investors as much as possible. In short, this means that we work hand in hand to select the right businesses and present them in the clearest and most transparent way to our investors.

What will this collaboration bring to WiSEED?

It’s a real chance to work with Anthony and his teams, and this collaboration is a testament to WiSEED’s expertise and experience. which today is recognized in the world of financing as a reference in investment.

What are your future plans?

In an increasingly competitive sector, with more than 200 platforms in Franceit is important to continue to offer quality projects that bring a promise of innovation or improvement in our lives and our cities, in housing, health, energy transition.

Also continue to create jobs, develop our cities, contribute to building a better world and make sense of savings to make it a committed act. More than entering the race for the volume of funds raised, our ambition is to continue to democratize investment, maintaining strict selection criteria and the trust of our investors, acquired over the last 15 years.

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