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The Picnic online supermarket, which came from the Netherlands and has been established in the Hauts-de-France region since May 2021, continues its establishment in France. Next destinations? West Lensois and Ile de France in the first quarter.

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Picnic France reveals its ambitions for 2023. Inspired by the milkman tour of yesteryear, Picnic now serves the greater Lille, Lens, Douai, Valenciennes, Armentières and surrounding areas and has been a huge success with over 50,000 users this year. Picnic is expanding its delivery areas and now offers two delivery slots: the company is changing its model to meet the needs of the French market.

More than a year after its launch and its first delivery in France, the home delivery platform has managed to establish itself as “Leader in the home delivery market in Hauts-de-France”, says the e-merchant. The startup stands out for offering low prices and free delivery. In 2022, 317,000 orders, 50,000 customers, 150,000 app downloads and 12 million products delivered. In order to be in tune with the needs of French consumers, the brand chose to adapt its business model to this market and added a new delivery slot with the aim of retaining and winning over new customers. This model will also be implemented in the next cities where the company intends to establish itself.

“When we started in France, Picnic was based on the Dutch model, explains Grégoire Borgoltz, Director of Operations France. We integrate new products and features every day to adapt to the French market. This strategic shift is a huge step forward from a customer perspective and a great opportunity for Picnic to continue building customer loyalty by offering more flexibility.” The company has already hired more than 400 people in Hauts-de-France, with currently a peak of 20 couriers (called “Runners”) and 20 “shoppers” (order takers) as new cities and regions will open in early 2023 The diversity of its teams is also a real challenge for the start-up, which has 50% female employees.

A first automated warehouse

In early April, the new robotic order picking center opened in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The online supermarket has spent the last two years developing the technology and software for the center from which 150,000 customers are supplied with groceries every week. In this new order preparation center of 42,000 square meters, divided into three temperature zones, many innovations have been developed. Its layout reduces food waste but also the use of packaging materials. Picnic plans to import some of these machines to create hybrid warehouses in France with ambitions to increase profitability.

In the coming years, Picnic also plans to open similar warehouses in the countries where the company is established and, in the short term, in Germany. In 2022, Picnic continued its expansion and moved to Lens in March, which allowed the start-up to deliver an additional 100,000 homes. In November, the free home delivery service extended its catchment area to Armentières and Douai and their surroundings to deliver a further 40,000 households, expanding its delivery radius to 15 km at the Lomme and Noyelles-Godault hubs (vs. 10 km at model start). For 2023, Picnic France intends to continue its expansion in Hauts-de-France, but also in French territory through new locations. Next stops? Western Lensois and Ile de France in the first quarter of 2023. “At the end of 2022, we reached 500,000 homes served. Our ambition for the end of 2023 is to multiply that number by four and deliver 2 million homes”, concludes Grégoire Borgoltz.

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