meet the 7 startups that will represent Hauts-de-France at the innovation fair in Las Vegas

Lille, Compiègne, Douai, Bondues… Hauts-de-France is full of talent and innovative initiatives. Seven of them, joined by Region and EuraTechnologies, will be present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, from Thursday, January 5, to Sunday, January 8, 2023.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest innovation show, held annually in Las Vegas. This year, it will take place from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th January and several start-ups from Hauts-de-France will present their most innovative projects.

In fact, since January 2017,accompanied by the Hauts-de-France Region and EuraTechnologies, the nuggets regions benefit from financial support, training and access to a network of privileged contacts“.

CES is an opportunity to gain global visibility”,develop and strengthen your network, close contracts with new clients and meet potential investors“. We take stock about start-ups from Hauts-de-France that will certainly be talked about during this international fair.

Electric skates that charge while skating, anyone? Atmosgear skates can skate up to 25 km/h, have a 20 km range and a motorized frame suitable for everyone football boots skating. It is also possible to use them when they are not charged.

We have been working for 4 years with our engineers, world class athletes and more than 2 000 skaters to create the best pair of motorized boardsexplains the start-up, founded by Mohamed Soliman, an engineer graduated from the University of Compiègne (Oise). Our technology is made in France with 2 worldwide patents.”

Incubated at EuraTech in Lille, the start-up Fanswaves started from an observation: “onethe person in the world in two is a fan“music, cinema or sport”and like to go in groups at concerts, games or festivals“. But today, “the organization of a collective trip is part of the obstacle course: always the same person who takes care of everything and makes the progress“.

That’s why the start-up launched its social network that makes it possible to organize and build trips to an event”,even join existing groups and expand your community“. No more being the secretary of your own group and twisting your head so that everyone agrees!

Fogo is another Lille start-up. In addition to being connected, the Fogo radiator”is based on a unique physical-chemical principle in the world, the meeting of concrete formed in high compression and graphene“. That is, it saves up to 30% of energy.

Radiator control is done directly from the application available for iOS or Android. Without user intervention, the device regulates the temperature of the house by itself.

The Octavio project was born in two apartments in Lille. “The founding team had quality, vintage audio systems that they loved more than anything else, but not compatible with their way of enjoying music from streaming services.“, explains the start-up.

The idea of ​​separating yourself from their system”it was inconceivable for them“. They then wondered if the solution wasn’t simply to upgrade them, instead of replacing them. And that’s when the project to bring the audio systems back to life was born.

How it works ? You “connect an Octavio device to your amplifier, Hi-Fi system or DAC“and the music will be played”in great quality from your smartphone“. Enough to keep your old products and at the same time give them a facelift.

Originally from Bondues (Nord), the start-up Weenav “reinvents maritime transport, responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions and ocean pollution“. How? Turning thermal boats into electric boats, what is “three times cheaper than buying a new electric boat“whose production”it is polluting itself” and “six times faster“.

Technology”is tailor-made, regardless of the desired power and autonomy“. Your goal is “designing sustainable mobility with batteries without critical metals“.

Start-up Tripbike, currently incubated at the Ecole des Mines de Lille-Douai, invented Hyboo, “the first biologically sourced bamboo electric bicycle“.

Serves as much asurban, touring, leisure and VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) equipped with motor and battery, both compact, design, high technology and removable“, we can read on the website.

This bike was born out of the 15 years that the founder Carla Sarantellis spent in Asia and is part of the environmental issues of her time.

Last on this list: Piano Led. Launched in March 2021, the start-up based in Douais aims to encourage music lovers not to give up on learning to play the piano. Indeed, “more than two music lover apprentices out of three drop out after one year,” she observes.

To do this, she created a “led light strip” which indicates, depending on the song, the keys to be pressed. This light can be “plug into any synthesizer or electronic piano“favor”fast music learning“.

Regional Councilor Antoine Sillani is certain that these initiatives “know how to make the Hauts-de-France on a global scale and take advantage of this great opportunity to develop internationally and gain in attractiveness“.

All these startups will be present at CES 2023 in Las Vegas until Sunday, January 8, 2023.

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