Hydrogen, an effective solution for vehicle depollution

She is one of the sixteen startups selected by the Region, at CES in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January 2023.

Initially, a simple observation for Jacob Makhtabi, engineer in management and logistics management, CEO of the start-up HydroEcoTech, created in February 2022. “ If the carbon is not removed regularly, breakdowns occur and a truck can get stuck on the side of the road with its load. “. After studying engineering at the Technion in Haifa, Israel and several experiences in France in the automotive industry, after mobile marketing, and four years of intense research, the young French-Israeli engineer, based in Marseille, had the idea develop a machine called “Liviatan HM-770”, which manufactures 95% pure hydrogen and is capable of treating engines up to 60,000 m3.

Its economic, ecological and reliability qualities are undeniable. ” We can descale, clean, degrease, without dismantling in less than two hours, the hot and cold parts of an engine and its components: particulate filter, piston catalytic converter, cylinder”, he explains. This complete solution allows for a longer service life for heat engines (gasoline, hybrid and diesel), a decrease in CO pollutiontwo as well as significant savings in fuel consumption of around 15-25% per full warranty. Four years of work, research and development were required to perfect this innovation, which has now been patented. ” We increased the power and capacity of the centrifugal turbines and recalculated the different powers in cylinders in3“, he confided. This process is intended for various sectors, in addition to automotive and industry, maritime, construction and agriculture, and even hospitals and shopping centers with generators, in the event of a power cut.

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Energy saving

In addition to depollution by hydrogen injection, HydroEcotech implemented a solution for cleaning saturated particulate filters. It can be applied at the customer’s premises, in their workshops, in less than two hours, thanks to an autonomous and mobile truck with the necessary equipment. The startup, which participated in the Viva Technologies fair in June 2022, also developed an Ecoflex-85 adapter module for gasoline vehicles powered by bioethanol. ” We designed a patented innovation with a relay that connects to the OBD socket located in the vehicle’s passenger compartment, and not to the injectors in the engine compartment as is done in France.and,” he says.

Another recommended solution is the diesel fuel saver called Redfuel. Equipping vehicles with diesel using an adapter relay saves between 15 and 25% per tank of fuelt, but also to reduce CO pollutiontwo up to 60% less. ” For this, we created a model equipped with a semiconductor motherboard, driven by an artificial intelligence associated with an algorithm”. In fact, the module collects all the data such as air and fuel flow rates and driver habits (driving, braking, accelerating). Finally, the young engineer also designed Star&Go, a beacon for geolocation and vehicle immobilization via satellite with measured and real-time values ​​based on differential pressures. The information feedback system is done by push in real time. The aim is to avoid replacing expensive parts, reduces pollution by up to 60% and fuel consumption by up to 30%. ” We are the first to use this process in France, which has already been used in Israel. The challenge is to restore the performance of the original engine by up to 70%”, he believes. After investing 0.85 million euros in the start-up, based at the House of Innovation and Industrial Development, Jacob Makhtabi hopes to make it profitable next year. ” Our objective will be to create a franchise and market this system with equipped and autonomous trucks, capable of intervening quickly in all regions, in France and why not later in Europe. “.

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