French Tech Rise wants to make startups shine across France

Within the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, the French Tech Mission supports the structuring, financing, growth and development of French start-ups throughout the territory. To this end, it mainly relies on the network of French Capitals and Technological Communities, associative actors that cover most of France, in France and in the overseas regions and territories.

In 2021, French tech start-ups have already collectively surpassed the €10 billion mark raised. But looking a little closer, 80% benefit the Ile-de-France ecosystem, while 50% of start-ups are created outside the Ile-de-France region. Faced with this finding, the objective of the teams led by Clara Chappaz, director of the French Tech Mission, is to instil a geographical rebalancing of start-up financing mechanisms, namely thanks to this second edition of French Tech Rise.

Rethinking innovation at the territorial level

The unprecedented growth of the French Tech ecosystem in recent years has resulted in a significant increase in fundraising, creation of start-ups and therefore jobs in France, but also in a geographically concentrated distribution in Ile-de-France. For its second edition, French Tech Rise aims to eliminate these disparities in distribution, allowing innovative start-ups from across the territory to meet and strengthen their ties with various funders, most of whom are currently established in the region. France.

In recent months, the French Capitals and Technological Communities have carried out pre-selection stages to identify 20 startups according to different development criteria, innovation potential and geographic distribution, in order to represent the different regions of France, but also abroad. In particular, they were able to benefit from individual meetings with venture capital investment funds, as attested by one of the winners, Ophélie Pomeng, partner at Siva Industrie: “ We traveled 11,000 km from Réunion to present our project to French Tech, in front of these large investment funds, and we are very moved by the result. “.

Director of the French Tech Mission since September 2021, Clara Chappaz knows the innovation potential of the various French territories and is on the strategic path that will allow them to offer more visibility and development solutions to their start-up: ” These start-ups from all our territories are often in need of funding: by allowing them to cater to investment funds, we are contributing to the advent of tomorrow’s technological champions, who will create jobs and contribute to the economic dynamism of our regions. . »

And the winners are…

At the end of the morning of this second edition of the French Tech Rise, three start-ups were awarded by Minister Jean-Noël Barrot and Clara Chappaz in three different categories. Awarded the “Future Licorne” award for its ability to engage in hypergrowth, Quimper-based start-up Data Soluce publishes a platform that brings together all players in a real estate project, offering digital performance and projection solutions for buildings.

Based in Rennes, the company Agriodor receives the “Impact” award for its ability to generate a positive social and/or environmental impact on society. It develops patented biocontrol solutions (perfumes), based on kairomones (attractants) and allomones (repellents) that modify the behavior of insect pests and reduce the damage caused to crops, respecting the environment and biodiversity.

The “public” award goes to the Réunion start-up Siva Industrie, so far the only French company approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty to implement its solution to combat the fruit fly that is rampant in tropical countries. ” We have developed an innovative solution for treating plants with water vapor, which not only preserves the visual and taste qualities of fruits, but also increases their shelf life. features Ophelie Pomeng.

The Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, welcomes the innovative economic dynamics of all territories and wishes that this representativeness carried by the event continues: ” This is the entire challenge of French Tech Rise: to ensure that French Tech’s success is a collective success that brings the dynamism of the regions and Overseas Territories through entrepreneurship. “.