France at CES 2023: GreenWaves Technologies

From January 5 to 8, 2023, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas brings together hundreds of start-ups for what is the biggest “tech” event on the planet. GreenWaves Technologies, based in Grenoble, is one of the young French companies present.

The startup designs ultra-low-power artificial intelligence processors for battery-powered IoT devices. It is present at CES in Las Vegas for the 2023 edition.

What is the genesis of GreenWaves Technologies?

GreenWaves is a fabless semiconductor startup[1] founded in 2014 and based in Grenoble. We design and market ultra-low-power application processors for battery-powered objects: headphones, audio headsets, smart cameras, connected objects, and medical monitoring devices.

The high computing capacity of our processors, both in AI and DSP[2]enables our customers to develop high value-added applications that deliver innovative use cases for their products with an unrivaled energy budget.

Our software development toolchain provides unique productivity to quickly port complex applications to GAP, ensuring the full performance of our processors.

The computational power built into the GreenWaves GAP9 processor makes it possible to integrate advanced functions such as noise reduction or adaptive noise cancellation based on neural networks, multichannel sound spatialization and auditory enhancement techniques, with energy efficiency unmatched in the market.

GAP9 ranked #1 in the #1 AI benchmark for embedded processors (MLPerfTiny), beating #2 (Syntiant NDP120) by a factor of 2-3 depending on the algorithms, both in power consumption and computing power, all other processors lagging far behind.

What are the innovations built around GreenWaves products?

In the highly competitive market for “audible” headphones, the introduction of disruptive functionalities that improve user comfort and safety is a condition for commercial success for its players.

The next generation of headphones will have to deliver a higher level of audio quality, automatically adapting to its wearer and user’s environment. Embedded audio application processors must support a combination of DSP and AI processing, running at very low power and latency levels, while preserving flexibility and ease of programming. GreenWaves has created a new type of ultra-powerful processor that uniquely addresses these needs. The GAP9 is a new type of low-power, easy-to-program processor capable of combining classic DSP and neural network processing for a superior audio experience in AI-driven “audible” headphone devices.

What are your reasons for attending CES?

It is a very important global technology event and for GreenWaves it is an opportunity to showcase our revolutionary technologies and meet partners and customers.

Do you have any particular expectations for this 2023 edition?

This year, we would like to meet our potential partners and customers to offer live demos of applications powered by GAP9, our ultra-low-power processor:

  • Adaptive ANC – surrounding noise cancellation that adapts perfectly to the user and their environment;
  • Immersive spatial audio – restoring the natural human ability to organize sound in space;
  • AI-based noise reduction – suppressing background noise during calls (a dog barking, a passing trolley or the voice of a person nearby);
  • Smart Surveillance Camera – neural network based event detection using multisensor analytics.

[1] no factory

[2] digital signal processing processors

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