A €100 million fund to accelerate innovation in prevention


In mid-December, Campus PariSanté and Bpifrance announced the launch of a program to support innovation in health prevention, with an investment fund of €100 million.

On December 15th, Campus PariSanté and Bpifrance revealed the creation of an unprecedented system dedicated to innovation in health prevention to accelerate the adoption of ad hoc solutions, in association with the ecosystem of start-ups in health and other players in the field. health system[1].

It consists of a specific support programme, led by PariSanté Campus, associated with an investment fund, managed by Bpifrance, to promote the sustainable growth of French e-health start-ups and the creation of one in this field.

Putting digital technology at the service of prevention

The law on the organization and transformation of the health system (OTSS) within the scope of “My Health 2022” participated in opening up the market to the uses of digital health. The ambition of this system is to put digital technology at the service of prevention, for the benefit of patients, in all territories. “After three years of unprecedented advances in the field of digital health, the industry must contribute to meeting key health priorities, explain Hela Ghariani and Raphaël Beaufret, Ministerial Delegates for Digital Health. This is the challenge of the new digital health roadmap. To achieve this, we need a rich and living ecosystem! This initiative is fully aligned with this vision of supporting the emergence of a true sector in the field of prevention. »

For Campus PariSanté and Bpifrance, the development of prevention strategies, largely based on the development of digital health, brings many benefits to the health of the population, by encouraging, for example, personalized follow-up through the analysis of groups of patients according to their risk factors and for the organization of systems, namely freeing up medical and paramedical time for health professionals. “Fully in its role as a facilitator between health innovation ecosystems and in line with the government’s strategy, Campus PariSanté is proud to collaborate with Bpifrance. [à] this large-scale program to accelerate the development of prevention using digital technology”declare Antoine Tesnière, Director General of the Campus ParisSanté.

A global prevention response

This program must therefore provide a comprehensive prevention response to all pathologies. It integrates prevention solutions for mental, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative or cancer diseases in order to optimize prevention, screening, analysis, monitoring and care based on data-based strategies carried out by start-ups to optimize patient follow-up. This new device is part of the digital health roadmap and digital health acceleration strategy launched in 2021.

“In perfect coherence with the ministerial roadmap for digital health, this initiative for the emergence of a French sector in digital prevention addresses both issues of economic development, transformation of our health system and sovereignty in the use of health data », analyzes Dominique Pon, president of the management committee of the Prevention scheme. These missions consist of:

  • implement new prevention strategies;
  • raise the awareness of health professionals from all territories to the use of digital solutions in this area through referenced digital tools (remote monitoring, constant monitoring applications or sports performance, etc.);
  • strengthen preventive education actions for the general public through digital tools (applications, distance training);
  • promote the development of digital solutions carried out by innovative players in all areas of prevention.

1 support for financial and extra-financial start-ups

The launch of a financial and extra-financial support program dedicated to entrepreneurial projects in health prevention is an innovative approach.

The Prevention and Digital program will support start-ups that offer solutions in health prevention thanks to an investment fund with a target size of 100 million, to support, identify and accelerate the implementation of solutions in this area. “This system, in favor of the emergence of start-ups with viable solutions in the area of ​​prevention, is part of the continuity of Bpifrance’s action to support entrepreneurs in the area of ​​digital health, started in 2018 with the Autonomous Patient Fund », says Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance.

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