The series you shouldn’t miss in 2022

Publish by the editorial staff of CANAL+ December 28, 2022

Decidedly, the end of the golden age of the series is not for today, because the year that is ending has once again brought great successes and many surprises. Before finding out what 2023 has in store for us on the small screen, here’s a review of our favorite series in 2022.

the torch

With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to set sail on a deserted island with the real-life cast of Jonathan Cohen’s new spoof series.

After The flameyour character not married not very smart returns to an adventure game where all shots are allowed to win the sum of €450. As a bonus, the torch spawned several already cult replicas.


Also funny, but a little more serious, Florence Foresti’s first series remembered why she is France’s most famous humorist.

Armed with a good dose of self-debauchery, the one who is also a screenwriter and now a director plays a fictional version of herself, which makes a series that is both hilarious and heartbreakingWhy Requests it also deals with serious and still taboo problems, such as depression.

Marie Antoinette

Everything has been said and written about the last queen of France, and screenwriter Deborah Davis (the favorite) can propose a new vision of the Archduchess of Austria, sixteen years after Sofia Coppola’s film.

feminist, that Marie Antoinette is embodied with great freshness by Emilia Schüle, in an international production where the luxury of the sets rivals that of period costumes.

yellow jackets

In terms of feminist series, it was hard this year to lose of this new gem very freely inspired Her Majesty of the Fliesin which a football team’s plane crashes in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

Already renewed for a 2nd season, yellow jackets it’s a phenomenon that never fails to captivate series fans mixing survival and mystery.

the staircase

If you prefer real mysteries, this one true crime adapted from the documentary series by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (suspicions) impressed this year with your Hollywood cast.

21 years after the fact, we still don’t know if Michael Peterson (Colin Firth) killed his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette), but this criminal case continues to fascinate usand the meta dimension of the staircase on the set of the documentary does not spoil anything.

this is going to hurt

To describe the reality of the British public health system (NHS), this BBC miniseries is more effective than a documentary.

It introduces Adam (the formidable Ben Whishaw), a brilliant clinical manager who struggles daily not to be overwhelmed by emergencies in a hospital where resources and staff are terribly scarce. funny and exciting, this is going to hurt is one of the best series of this year.

super pumped

Another difficult social reality is the uberization of society. And what better way to understand this economic revolution than to tell the story of the creation of the VTC Uber app by Travis Kalanick?

Played by a furious Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this unsympathetic Silicon Valley boss is registered super pumped in tune with a classic of the genre, The social network.

tokyo addiction

After the agony of San Francisco start-ups, place to delve into the yakuza world allowed for this adaptation of a story by Jake Adelstein, a journalist in Tokyo in the 1990s, played here by the young Ansel Elgort.

Benefiting greatly from the behind-the-scenes presence of master neo-noir thriller Michael Mann, tokyo addiction also fascinates with its highly stylized reconstruction of the hidden nightlife of the Japanese metropolis.

All you need

With a much more modest production, this German series is interesting, as it immerses us in the hectic nights of another great capital: Berlin.

update type of the pioneer of the cult queer as folk, All you need well staged the tumultuous love lives of several gay couples in the era of Grindr, and takes an interesting look at homosexuality today.


Waited for several decadesthe adaptation of the Master Chief’s adventures arrived with great fanfare this year in a spectacular sci-fi series with an XXL budget.

true to the universe areola following its own chronology, this series multiplies the references to the famous video game franchise, but remains accessible to laymen. In short, she walks by a thread, well helped by the presence of a quality castled by Pablo Schreiber.

Killing Eve (season 4)

The writers know him well, succeeding in completing a series is such a dangerous exerciseeven more so when it comes to a work adored by hordes of fans like killing eve.

After four seasons of loyal service, Eve and Villanelle said goodbye in 2022, and it’s hard to let go of the most defining female character duo of recent years…

This Is Us (season 6)

Perhaps it’s even harder to say goodbye to the Pearson family, whose adventures brought us liters of tears over the seasons.

Definitely eagerly awaited – These are U.S is one of the most popular series of recent years – this conclusion sheds light on the fate of parents Jack and Rebecca and, of course, makes you want to cry.

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