Who is Dara Huang, the mother of “Wolfie” Mapelli Mozzi?

After the Christmas service, at Sandringham Church, Christopher Woolf appeared between his father Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and his stepmother Beatrice of York. The boy’s mother, Dara Huang, was on a trip to the United States at the time for her interior design company.

On her Instagram account, Dara Huang defines herself as follows: “Mother, architect, designer, businesswoman, television personality. Founder of Design Haus Liberty and Dara Maison”. His priority, therefore, seems to be his son Christopher Woolf, of whom he shares custody with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, husband of Princess Beatrice, who was his companion from 2015 to 2018. At age 6, the boy will become a student in the United Kingdom , and his mother is happy that he has escaped the risks of studying in the United States.

Indeed, Dara, who was born in Florida 39 years ago to Taiwanese immigrant parents in the 1970s, is appalled by the violence that reigns in her home country, where guns are sold freely and 1,500 miners die every year. “I will be able to sleep at night knowing that my son will not die at his desk”, declares on Instagram the attractive young woman who now lives in London and who acquired British nationality in January 2022.

“I realized that I am a citizen of the world”

Dara recognizes that she owes a lot to her father, a retired NASA scientist, who encouraged her on her own path, without hiding the difficulties from her, as she herself confided in an interview published on the podcast by Yoko Choy, editor of the decoration magazine Wallpaper* “Being an architect is a very difficult job. He was always down to earth with me and I think I appreciated that. All my dad ever wanted for me and my sister was just freedom, like the ultimate freedom to make our own decisions and we could carry out them because we wouldn’t be depending on anyone else for our money.”

Raised in a small American town, Dara never suffered discrimination, except that her origins were an incentive for her to surpass herself: “Because you have a different face, you have to work harder than many other people.”

Now that she has a studio in Hong Kong, she makes this amusing observation: “When I’m in America, I’m Asian, when I’m in Asia, I’m American! a dismissive attitude, nobody will like you. If you are a citizen of the world, if you are used to assimilating, eating different foods, meeting different people, they will just think that you are a beautiful person inside. And it doesn’t matter if you is asian or any color or whatever you are it’s all about attitude.

For ten years, Dara resided mainly in Europe, where racial issues are not put in the same terms on the other side of the Atlantic: “I have never in my life heard the term ‘white’ in London, because nobody is ‘white’ here. Everybody he’s german, czech, russian, french and he knows where they’re from. The americans here aren’t white, they’re americans. I happened to be born in America. I’m very proud of that, but the irony is that it’s a country of immigrants who now have their identity as Americans.”

An acclaimed architect who has her own TV show

After an undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, Dara Huang earned a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard. She later studied at renowned European offices, such as the Swiss Herzog de Meuron, or the English Fosters + Partners. She will thus participate in the project of the Tate Modern Museum in London, or the Jenga Tower, at 56 Leonard Street in New York, receiving several awards and distinctions for her work.

In 2013, Dara set up her own architecture practice, Design Haus Liberty, in the London Borough of Clerkenwell. Five years later, she founded the start-up Vivahouse, which proposes to transform abandoned commercial spaces into homes for coexistence, a new concept of shared housing. A first test run was held at Whiteleys Shopping Center in Bayswater. Currently, his business, which is very prosperous, operates in chain stores, restaurants, spas, etc., in addition to football stadiums.

Alongside and complementing his professional career, Dara Huang presents television programmes, such as the recent series dedicated to “Britain’s Most Expensive Houses”, on Channel 4. His Instagram page also allows him to speak to a more popular audience than the your regular customers. She deals with topics such as “5 tips to decorate your Christmas tree” or “Renovate your bathroom for less than 1,500 pounds”… The future, Dara Huang faces it with serenity: “I don’t worry about getting older because I think: ‘Oh, I feel so much more confident than when I was young and where I am now…'”

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