The old world, the fledgling nation, the castle and the Mayor #4

[Feuilleton] On December 15, the Magcentre resumed the revelations in Le Canard Enchainé about the resignation of Marie Lajus, mayor of Indre et Loire, dismissed without prior notice by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. Since then, from letters to petitions of support, the case has gained national dimension, as this decision without official explanation seems shocking with respect to republican laws in the region. We return here to this case with a well-documented investigation in the form of a Christmas soap opera within the region’s power machine.

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Chapter 4

A grain of sand in quantum mechanics

A small disadvantage of this project executed by the hand of a master, is the unfavorable opinion of the architect of the buildings of France who opposes this site that would destroy and inevitably denature the natural site of the park of the Château de la Vallière. The opinion was therefore followed by the Mayor of Indre-et-Loire, Ms. Marie Lajus, especially since Emmanuel Macron’s government has multiplied speeches with ecological content and brought new legislation on the subject.

The news apparently lowered the hopes of many elected officials involved in the case and is, according to Le Canard Enchaîné, the reason why many notable local politicians picked up their phones to alert Mr. Gérald Darmanin on the danger of this mayor who is very observant and procedural, and this when there has been a lot of tension for 18 months, with the practices of some local elected officials sometimes being incompatible with the rigorous approach of Ms. Lajus. Furthermore, a November 25 Da Vinci Labs press release quoted Deputy Labaronne who openly took sides: “ This ambitious project is conditional on changing the local urban plan and obtaining the construction permit, which are currently being processed with the relevant services. DEV’UP played a leading role in these exchanges and we hope that the discussions lead to a conclusion. Time is running out to respond to these planetary challenges. And he takes the point to NR on Dec. 2: “There is a discrepancy between the city hall’s perception of the ecosystem that sustains Xavier Aubry. From the beginning, DDT (departmental directorate of territories) and the city hall do not believe in the project. Are we afraid that France will succeed? Every lost month is a lost month for French industry. When there is a project of general interest, there are exceptions”.

the Da Vinci Labs incubator in computer-generated imagery for Les Echos

A few days later, on December 7, at the congress of the association of mayors of Indre-et-Loire, Jean-Gérard Paumier took the floor and made comments interpreted as a direct criticism of the Mayor, considering that the trust between the elected representatives and the representatives of the State were not present, and that this slowed down Touraine, commented the NR on December 10 in an amusing article that essentially resumed the elements of the language of the elected representatives of the right and rurality. In fact, at the same time in Paris, at the Council of Ministers, Gérald Darmanin resigned from Mayor Lajus. Chronology that the elected representatives of the left and the Canard Enchaîné do not attribute to the greatest chances.

Instead, Mr. Patrice Latron, 61, from the Saint Cyr military background, he also became a group leader and later rose through the ranks among parachute hunters. In the 1990s he worked with Balladur and then Juppé and became mayor. He then rotated through ministries and took over Macron’s leadership, becoming coordinator of the SNU rollout and later appointed cabinet director to the minister in charge of veterans. Left-wing activists in departments where he worked describe him as totally disconnected from social issues and more focused on security. Given the context of the crisis and the political challenges of the coming months, his profile is of great concern to actors of solidarity and aid to migrants who have enjoyed working with Ms. Lajus and her services, especially after the bad memories left by the previous mayor. – Mrs. Corinne Orzechowski – and her management of migratory flows and Yellow Vest demonstrations.

Strange corner, Touraine

So goes Touraine, linking permanent tributes to Balzac and his stories of notable potbellies, staging the fusion of political and economic, individual, public and private, aristocratic and bourgeois interests – high-tech version -, with the consent of a few elected representatives, in an interpersonal relationship that is no longer even hidden, everything even more explicit with an Ancien Régime decoration.

Swiss businessmen, a castle, elected officials, a Nobel Prize, investors, aristocrats, subsidies, networks, well-known families, renowned artists and the hope of good added value.

Suddenly, we go from Balzac to Pinçon-Charlot.


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