New Year’s Eve: The Profitable Business of Hangover Cures

Champagne, white, red, rosé, beers or cocktails: when the glasses are on, tomorrows are disappointing. You suffer from what scientists call “veisalgia”, a term taken from the Norwegian words Kveis (discomfort after debauchery) and the Greek algia (“pain”). In other words, the hangover. “The French spend 1,066 hours, or 3 days of their lives, in this state”, likes to point out the young entrepreneur Henri Puigsarbé. So why not make a business out of it? From this realization, in 2020, Nonna Lab was born, a laboratory specializing in hangovers that manufactures the preventive drink Alcoool.

Other young French shooters set out to conquer the misty morning market. Like Hydratis, which offers rehydrating pills at more than 2,000 points of sale (pharmacies and large retailers) or Allo Maman Bobo, a startup specializing in comforting kits. The Swedish debutant Myrkl, who landed in France at the beginning of October, dreams of swallowing his competitors to turn the inevitable hangover. The product, sold in about twenty French pharmacies and present in 25 countries around the world, wants to become the next “Red bull” for hangovers, is carried away by Frédéric Fernandez, spokesman for the laboratory De Faire Medical, which manufactures Myrkl pills.

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