The old world, the fledgling nation, the castle and the Mayor #3

On December 15, the Magcentre resumed the revelations in Le Canard Enchainé about the resignation of Marie Lajus, mayor of Indre et Loire, dismissed without prior notice by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. Since then, from letters to petitions of support, the case has gained national dimension, as this decision without official explanation seems shocking with respect to republican laws in the region. We return here to this case with a well-documented investigation in the form of a Christmas soap opera within the region’s power machine.

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Chapter 3

The Castle 2.0

Where things get really interesting and cutting edge is that Xavier Aubry has a much more ambitious idea in mind, that of founding a deeptech incubator, namely Artificial Intelligence, quantum computers and synthesis biology. Rather, this future incubator should see the light of day in… the Château de la Vallière park, yes yes, that” in the middle of a sixteen-hectare ancient forest that houses a reserve of protected animal species “, the one that arouses the admiration of the Mansart Foundation, the one that intends” preserve and give life to heritage of great interest (…) the natural and scenic sites “.

Attention, we are not talking about an idea in the air, it is not Xavier Aubry’s style. The project is at an advanced stage, the building has already been designed and is even participating in a competition that led to funding from the European Union thanks to its ecological characteristics presented as outstanding, and it has the support of the finest local political class.

Da Vinci Labs building design blueprint

The mayor of Reugny, Nicolas Toker, is in heaven: imagine the wealth in taxes and expenses of future incubator residents. The head of the community of communes, Vincent Morette, a member of the PS – not its more leftist branch – sees the magic words shine: development of the territory. The Departmental Council is also in the game – with, for example, a subsidy of 50,000 euros voted a few months ago -, in particular through its president Jean-Gérard Paumier, a very influential notable of the local right, close to Mr. Labaronne , and that we have nominated a candidate for the next senatorial elections in 2023. We therefore understand that the project and its positive developments in several small rural towns in the region can result in voters’ votes. Finally, François Bonneau, PS president of the Centro Region for a long time, and again, not the most Bolshevik, far removed from the Nupes, with ecological convictions all in nuances and visibly fascinated by economic development in high-tech sauce, even if it means supporting the old world, for example by helping heavily to keep the Tours airport up and running. It is the Dev’Up regional public investment program – of which Thibault Coulon is one of the administrators – that accompanies the incubator project. We even found articles on the subject in NR, but in the form of advertising content, that is, Dev’Up bought spaces in the newspaper for institutional communication. We learn, therefore, that this unique 4,000 m² site will truly put quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology at the service of the planet. The challenge of this research and incubation structure will be to allow start-ups to respond competitively to the ecological challenges of tomorrow, and to bring out the future champions of our sectors of excellence (…) innovation ecosystem”. It will complete the regional Deeptech support offer and will also be a new element of attractiveness for the territory! “. What to have stars in your eyes and a taste of Silicon Valley sprinkled with semi-dry Montlouis.

the first of the rope

But Xavier Aubry also has friends in the business. For 2023, Da Vinci Labs announces support for two projects, Swiftt and Equality, around artificial intelligence. But what whets the appetite of our elected representatives for a new world are the open partners in the incubator project. On one side, Pasqal, a quantum computing research unit created in 2019 by Alain Aspect, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2022, and Christophe Jurczac. On the other, Qubit Pharmaceuticals, created by Robert Marino and of which Christophe Jurczac is director. The common point between these two boxes that carry hopes of innovation and financial income is that they are partially financed by a fund called Quantonation, directed by Charles Beigbeder and… Christophe Juczac. The latter went through Polytechnique, Normale Sup, ESCP and then the Stanford School of Economics before joining important positions in ministries and then leaving for Poweo, a fund created by Charles Beigbeder to compete with EDF after the sector was opened to competition. So, he was or still is director of about twenty start-ups around the world before joining the management of Quantonation in 2018. Charles Beigbeder is the writer’s brother. He did Ecole Centrale before working for Matra and turning to banking at BNP and then Credit Suisse. He assembles and resells boxes at full speed and is currently at the head of the Audacia investment fund, in addition to investing in aerial start-ups and autonomous cars. Cultivating various talents, Charles Beigbeder led a parallel political career. He unsuccessfully tries to take Medef’s head and performs under the UMP label in Paris, but is expelled from the party because of a betrayal. Since then, he has openly campaigned alongside Charles Millon for the union of rights, assuming that he wants to make alliances with the RN and notable for his uninhibited encounters with Eric Zemmour a few years ago, or with Marion Maréchal and Robert Ménard. more recently. In addition, he invests in the media and holds shares in reactionaries Incorreta and Atlantico. A staunchly Catholic and Rotary Club member, Charles Beigbeder claims to be a member of Opus Dei, a conservative order long committed to the Franco dictatorship in Spain and Pinochet in Chile. In short, Xavier Aubry’s networks are powerful and influential, as we should have understood by now.

To be continued…

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