Meeting with Morgan Pezzo, CEO of CarFT: when automotive passion invades the web3

How we innovate todaynow at the service of car enthusiasts? How to offer them new experiences? This question, Morgan Pezzo lis already set twice. The first dates back to the end of his studies and led to the creation ofa unique flight school in the world. The second is his current initiative: CarFT. TheyPress at theenthusiasm widely shared in the world forautomotive, the pleasure of collecting and the technological opportunities opened up by the web3. Morgan Pezzo returns to forbes in the birth of his passion and in the thoughts that underpinned his ambitious project to connect brands in an unprecedented way and the vast communities of fans thanks to video games.

What was your journey to your current start-up: CarFT?

Morgan Pezzo, co-founder of CarFT: I fell in love with cars when I was about 3 years old. I leafed through magazines when I still didn’t know how to read. I have always expressed a desire to bypass the automobile.

I studied mechanical engineering to design cars, but when I was doing my master’s, I took a different tack by creating the world’s first historic motorsport school with a friend: Classic Racing Group. People said we were crazy, and of course we were! We partnered with a Northern Ireland-based single-seater manufacturer to build new cars with a retro look, financed by enthusiasts who rented them from us. A successful fundraiser and our diploma obtained, we launched the company in 2017 after a year of work. We reach private and professional clients, as well as prestigious names such as Michelin, Dunlop or Aston Martin.

I left the company in early 2020 wanting to pursue other projects. After several months of freelancing, the passion for entertainment came back to me.

How was born theidea of ​​CarFT?

The idea for CarFT germinated during the Covid period. With Laurent André, my partner, we looked for ideas tested in the context of the pandemic. We were looking for initiatives that were digital, international, correlated with automotive events and rooted in the real world. It was around video games that the spark arose. On the one hand, car enthusiasts want to play the best games, live the most realistic experiences related to their passions and share them with their friends. On the other hand, brands (manufacturers, events, etc.) want to tell their stories, sell their products, entertain, but struggle to find the right channels. We were going to put these two questions together.

How does CarFT work?

CarFT is a game based on car collection that allows you to earn real rewards (places for events, branded products or VIP experiences, etc.) by achieving good results in the proposed challenges or completing collections (such as a Panini album).

Officially licensed vehicles can be collected in a game card format. They are freely exchanged between players with real currency. Their owner maintains them to maintain their performance and visual condition, in order to participate in themed events such as car racing, elegance competitions or enthusiast meetings.

The game is and will remain free. We work with prestigious brands and various partners (circuits, events, personalities) to offer exclusive content. It will be possible to buy rarer cards, which will allow players to accelerate their progress and gain access to additional features and rewards. These paying cards can be exchanged in our marketplace between players, directly in fiat currency. This is one of the innovations brought by technology blockchain : Players actually own their cards and can dispose of them freely.

The game will be available for iOS and Android. It will be complemented by a web application that will allow you to manage your collection and exchange your cards between players.

Which isobject of CarFT?

We want to bring brands and car enthusiasts together. Our project is based on this intention: to reward enthusiasts by creating, through games and digital collectibles, a bridge between digital and reality. In fact, the game is a strong engagement channel and little explored by brands. Added to that is that game and blockchain form a perfect combination to give players more power.

Who are your supporters and partners?

We work with over twenty global automotive brands and over twenty other partners. We have the support of Ubisoft’s Startups program that allowed us to test our game’s design, financial, legal and even technical aspects. We are supported by choice investors and partners such as Carlos Diaz (French entrepreneur and Silicon Valley investor), Mathieu Baumel (four-time Dakar winner), as well as many car collectors and video game entrepreneurs.

What are your plans for 2023?

2023 will be very rich. We will launch CarFT in three phases. Each time, we will announce new brands, as well as improvements to the user experience and present features, to ensure the quality of our product and its durability. We will also form the first partnerships in automobile events: this way it will be possible to obtain cards directly on the spot.

The fundraising that we are closing will allow us to recruit new employees and initiate actions aimed at making ourselves known more generally to car enthusiasts.

Passion for cars. Passion for video games. I like to collect. Opportunities managed by blockchain. this nnot one engine, but four engines that the novice CarFT can count on to start “full pot”. Considered in the middle as theone of the most promising startups of 2023, it should gather a large number of fans and, even more, help to democratize and open technologies of the web3.

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