December session of the central committee

The central committee of the Swiss Association of Confectionery Owners (BCS) last met in 2022. As tradition dictates, Patricia Hochstrasser, director of panvica, and Markus Künzli, director of SBC Fiduciaire SA, reviewed last year and plans for the future during the two-day meeting. Other topics were discussed, including professional and continuing education, politics and communication.


Fiduciary SBC: retrospective and perspectives
During the CC session, Markus Künzli, Director of SBC Fiduciaire SA, spoke about the difficult market environment, with declining margins and number of companies in our sector, and the acute shortage of qualified personnel. He explained the article on the calculation of prices that appeared in the November 11 edition of “Panissimo” and in the November 10 newsletter.

Panvica in the right way
The “Optima” scanning project was launched within panvica in the spring of 2022. The aim is to increase efficiency and quality and improve the image. At the central committee meeting, director Patrícia Hochstrasser gave an update on the current state of said project: “We took a big step forward. The process continues.”
Interview with Patricia Hochstrasser and Beatrice Jordi…»

pension fund questionnaire
Panvica has published a questionnaire on its website to find out the needs of current and future policyholders. BCS members are invited to participate in this survey:

legal department
Until now, the Swiss Association of Baker Confectionery Owners (BCS) had entrusted legal advice to a mandated law firm. With her commitment and expertise, her collaborator Harisa Reiz has supported BCS for more than 20 years, mainly during collective bargaining agreement negotiations. Effective January 1, 2023, she joins the BCS as head of the legal department, deputy director of the association and member of the BCS management committee. “She knows the BCS archives perfectly and is also able to fire and support the director in political and legal matters”, noted President Silvan Hotz. The CC unanimously agreed to expand the steering committee to include Harisa Reiz.


minimum wages
The director of the BCS, Urs Wellauer, briefly explained to the members of the CC the background to the minimum wage, which was the subject of the agenda of the National Council on Wednesday, December 14th: the latter nevertheless confirmed the decision of the Council of States and considers that the provisions of an extended CLA on the minimum wage, in 13and months and holidays shall prevail over those of cantonal law in case of discrepancy. So he passed a motion to that effect. A broad alliance of 27 economic and industry associations, including the BCS, welcomes this decision.
session report

Intersectoral agreement to reduce food losses
The intersectoral agreement to reduce food losses was recently signed by the BCS. United Against Waste (UAW), Richemont Vocational School and BCS will now develop a joint concept with select members, similar to what is done in the catering industry.

Energy shortage and industry savings plan
BCS Director Urs Wellauer briefed CC members on what has been done so far and ventured to look to the future. More information on this topic:

2023: chemicals in the workplace – checks
In 2023, health protection and chemicals in the workplace will be the main focus of checks carried out by cantonal labor inspectorates. The aim is to prevent negative health consequences from chemicals in the workplace.

Article «panissimo»

Professional and Continuing Training

Visit to the canton of Valais
The initial production training pilot project was launched in August 2022 in French-speaking Valais. On 17 November, Silvan Hotz, president of the BCS, Nicolas Taillens, representative of the Valais coaches, Sébastien Knecht, manager of the Richemont vocational school in Yverdon-les-Bains, and Peter Signer, manager of professional and continuing education at the BCS in production, visited Sion’s vocational school. Albert Michellod, Canton President, Tanja Fux, Head of the Cantonal Vocational Training Service (SFP), Catherine Mabillard, Head of the Food Section of the EPCA, Philippe Delaley, course teacher, his wife Julia Delaley, and two other trainers. “We have seen very clearly that those responsible are committed with all their energies to the success of the project”, pointed out Peter Signer before the CC. He asked the cantonal associations to wait for the results and analyzes of this pilot project and not to embark on new paths in the field of formation, in order to avoid a jungle of formation.

Valais pilot project article

Course Master’s Commission
The last meeting of the course faculty committee took place online on November 25, 2022. The next general assembly of the FLV-GRMC will take place in a new format on March 17 and 18, 2023 in Yverdon-les-Bains. Data collection will be undertaken from specialist teachers to gain insight into age and employment structure.

physical education session

Peter Signer, responsible for production training, was able to report the positive points of the last EPS session (higher professional exam): the success rate is 100% (!) for industry experts. The result is a little different for people who had to retake the exam.

“I am very proud of the strong retail results,” said Lisa Frunz, director of retail, during the CC session. This shows once again that “our candidates were very well supported throughout their training – in particular by the Richemont Professional School and Deputy Principal Markus Zimmerli in particular, who spared no effort to ‘adapt to different personalities’.

Professional exam: round table
The central committee meeting was followed by a joint exchange with candidates for the 2020/21 professional exam. On our side, the two members of the CC, Peter Lyner and Roland Räber, the financial director Martin Schnyder and the president Silvan Hotz were present. The aim was to obtain suggestions for improving the PE in the context of a constructive discussion. We are now going to collect the facts and then discuss them with those in charge of training and in the central committee.

industry research
“Your opinion is important to us!”, underlined Peter Signer by way of introduction to the CC meeting. The Commission for Professional Improvement and Quality (CDQ), made up of professional training partners, has the mission of reviewing, at least every five years, the initial professional training of AFP and CFC bakers and pastry chefs and, where applicable, adapting it to economic conditions, technological, ecological and didactic developments.

That’s why the BCS is conducting an online industry survey. The deadline for participation is February 28, 2023. “Invest 30 minutes of your precious time in the future of our professions!” Peter Signer urged the members.

ERFA day for retail
An ERFA day for retail will take place on April 24, 2023. “Through the mutual exchange of experiences and information, we want to take the pulse of the front, give visibility to ideas and issues, and share news from the association and the vocational school,” said Lisa Frunz, expressing his hope that “as many executive and current and former women entrepreneurs as possible can be accommodated at the Richemont Vocational School in Lucerne”. Her wish to members before Christmas is: “send your female execs to our ERFA day!” More information will follow in “Panissimo” and in the newsletter.

New course for people undergoing professional requalification
“We want to make the sale visible.” The Richemont Vocational School therefore plans to provide online continuing education opportunities for people undergoing retraining and thus make retail more attractive to Gen Z.

New training for future branch managers
Training for future branch managers is planned for summer 2023 at the Richemont Professional School. More information will follow in “Panissimo” and in the newsletter.

Richemont Vocational School. Course prices
The two Richemont Professional School motions were accepted during the November 30 CC meeting. This means that the increase in the price of courses by 30 francs a day will be covered by the additional subsidies and that courses in personnel management will now be subsidized by up to 50%.

Richemont Restoration
“In terms of catering, the result is currently 4% higher than the 2019 figure and therefore can still be considered positive,” noted Richemont director Reto Fries during the CC session. For January 2023, an increase in the prices of some catering products is expected.

Communication / Marketing / Events

Eco Talk: power shortages for Swiss SMEs?
“Will high energy prices turn off Swiss SMEs’ lights this winter?” It is under this heading that three SME entrepreneurs, including a representative of the bakery and confectionery sector in the person of Roni Merz (Merz Chur), discussed the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland on Monday, November 14, at the SRF’s Ecological Conversation. Roni Merz’s sovereign intervention was welcome during the CC session.

baking crown 2023
The Baker’s Crown will be awarded for the eleventh time in 2023 as part of the BCS congress. The public tender will be launched at the beginning of the year. The information will be available online and in “Panissimo” from January. Inventiveness, professionalism, talent and exceptional commitment are the marks of distinction represented by the “oven crown” – with a prize of 15,000 francs – awarded by BCS and the Swiss Yeast Union (SHV). The current winner is the eccentric Daniel Amrein, profiled in the current edition of “Panissimo”.

Confectionery crown: new member of the jury
The bakery’s crown jury has a new member: Lisa Frunz, CC member and head of retail, will join it, replacing Irene Muralt, who worked there for several years. The jury is made up of three representatives from the Swiss Yeast Union and three representatives from the BCS. The authority examines the nominations and applications received, visits the finalists and, in the end, elects the new king or queen of the bakery.
baker’s wreath

Subscription and ad pricing
While the cost spiral has been and still is upward in the field of communication, the BCS has decided not to raise prices for subscriptions and advertisements – as a gesture to the hard-hit bakery and artisan confectionery sector.

swiss bread
The Pain suisse association campaign will continue into 2023. The launch will take place in early January with a poster campaign. BCS members and cantonal secretaries and presidents will receive correspondence from the APS designed to inform and motivate them to actively use the label. Information on the matter will also be published in “Panissimo” and online. CC members were asked to motivate their members to actively participate in this campaign.
swiss bread

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