Carole Muller, the passion for commitment

Carol Muller is undeniably one of the figures that count more and more in the circle of decision-makers. A surprise? No way.

Still young, his professional career, however, has already allowed him to accumulate several experiences. After studying business administration at ISG Paris, she joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the European Presidency in 2004 as a junior specialist. A career in diplomacy tempted her, and she flew to Warsaw for European studies at the College of Europe.

Very quickly, he made a turn of almost 180°: for the diplomatic world, he preferred the world of bakery and pastry. She joined Panelux as manager of the subsidiaries from 2006 to 2008. In 2009, she was an intern at the renowned bakery and confectionery Lenôtre in Paris. Based on this experience, she moved back to Luxembourg, joined PwC for 9 months as a consultant, to finally join Fischer in 2010.

She participates in the latest tripartite meetings

Director since 2014, she is at the head of a family business created in 1913, an impressive network of bakeries in branches and franchises in three countries (Luxembourg, France and Germany).

But Carole Muller also assumes other mandates. Since 2015, she has been on the board of directors of LuxConnect. Vice President for two years, on May 31, 2022, she was unanimously elected president of the Luxembourg Trade Confederation (CLC), which represents 1,800 companies and more than 100,000 employees. It is in this capacity that he participates in the last tripartite meetings, where he immediately makes a very strong impression, all of which underlines his involvement and his very good command of dossiers.

Assuming responsibility is one of the characteristics of Carole Muller, who always puts a lot of determination into the development of her projects. She is therefore convinced that the development of the CLC will go through the creation of new federations. It’s not just words, because in the meantime, the Luxembourg Drone Federation was createdand most recently, on November 17, the Luxembourg Retail Federation was created. According to Carole Muller, drones are the future of e-commerce and she is convinced that there is a real economy behind them, opening up new opportunities for creating services. She is equally convinced that having strong confederations and federations in Luxembourg will allow business leaders to focus on the operational work that is part of their daily lives.

Federating common interests and collaborating

People around her describe her as committed, determined, frank and direct. But, even more, Carole Muller is a future-oriented owner, who likes to get her hands dirty, bring her stone to the building and give herself the means to get there.

Inspiring, Carole Muller makes us understand how important it is to question, dare, reinvent yourself to be better, be inspired by what is being done across borders, import new ideas and, above all, not fear failure. But also that it is fundamental to unite common interests, and above all to count on their teams, to collaborate. Above all, it shows us that to create, develop and move forward, you need passion. As she is, in addition to her family, her company and her products, her sewing.

Carole Muller hopes soon to live in a society where the issue of gender will be an absolutely non-existent issue, in which people will be chosen only for their abilities, their experiences and their knowledge. She is convinced that it is up to enterprising women to show children that anything is possible, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl.

Anyway, she is living proof that – regardless of gender – with talent, perseverance and humanity, one can go very far.

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