why hire a digital manager?

In an era where digital has become essential, the profession of digital manager (DM) is increasingly sought after. Attached to the marketing and communication department, he takes care of the company’s e-reputation and digital reputation. Among other things, its mission is to increase sales and develop a brand image. But not only!

What does this job consist of?

Several professions have emerged with the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing. Among them, the Social media strategy aims to develop the notoriety and e-reputation of a company in social networks.

Faced with the growing number of Internet users who mainly use their mobile phones to connect, this function must now give way to that of the Digital Manager to intervene in the areas of sales, communication, customer relations and marketing.

Responsible for the company’s digital strategy, ensures the maintenance and monitoring of all operations, regardless of the brand’s communication project and the medium used, be it computer, smartphone or tablet. It takes care of the company’s visibility, its image on social networks, but also the referencing of its website.

The different missions of a digital manager

Various action plans are implemented to generate more traffic on the company’s website. For this, the digital manager must analyze various data that will allow him to make strategic choices. Then, based on this data, he will put into practice the appropriate strategies to achieve the previously defined objectives.

Coordination of your teams

With his employees from the marketing department, the digital manager leads and supervises his teams: web editor, content manager or community manager according to the defined objective. He monitors the work of his external and internal team and must continually find new ways to increase his company’s visibility online.

Implementation of the action plan

After knowing the company’s policy, he must know the brand image, its customers, its services and products. Taking into account the allocated budget and this different information, he can put different marketing strategies into practice:

content marketing

DM ensures that the content marketer creates marketing content that meets the needs of the business and the customer. In B2B, to convert prospects into customers and retain professional partners, it usually prioritizes high value-added content such as e-books, white papers and blogs.

sending by email

An email marketing campaign allows you to obtain a high return on investment, while increasing the reputation of a company. This webmarketing strategy aims to reach both Internet users and mobile users, as it is suitable for different digital media such as smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets.

The type of email campaign to be sent to the target is defined with your team according to the defined objectives. Sending notification by e-mail, for example, makes it possible to alert a user about a certain event. On the other hand, to provide consumers with accurate information, bulk email is more suitable.

the SEM

To optimize the position of a website in search engines, there is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This set of referencing techniques, that is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or paid referencing, allows the creation of original and unique content that aims to generate more traffic on the site.


The e-CRM is a tool that facilitates the exchange between companies and customers on social networks. Its implementation is decided upstream by the digital manager who has consulted external service providers or its internal team.

With an e-CRM, it is possible to profile each customer based on their behavior. The data obtained through online purchases made by Internet users thus allow the digital manager to implement a marketing strategy aimed at customer loyalty (welcome gift, loyalty point, SMS, etc.).

The required skills or abilities

Mastering computer tools, the digital manager has solid knowledge of development or information systems. He is passionate about innovation and has technical skills in marketing.

He also has strong synthesis, analysis, and project management skills, qualities necessary for experience in agile mode. To carry out monitoring work privately, your level of English must be good. Honestly, he also knows how to make his team members stand out.

What training should be done?

It is highly recommended to obtain a +5 BA in Marketing (in Commerce) plus a degree in Computer Engineering to pursue this profession. 2-3 years of experience in the field of social media is also highly appreciated.

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