Can you go into space with the prize?

There are just a few days left for the Mega da Virada, the special year-end draw for the Mega-Sena capitalization title. This year, the estimated price is 450 million reais, the highest value in history. What would you do with that much money?

If you won Mega da Virada, would you like to travel to space? Photo: Leonidas Santana –

There is no shortage of projects: getting out of the red, buying real estate, helping family and friends, living on income, traveling the world… In fact, with a bank account so full, it would be enough to travel around the world!

Yes, with the prize of 450 million reais from Mega da Virada, you can even go to space! And there would still be other wishes to fulfill.

How much does it cost to go to space?

In October, SpaceX announced that the first space tourist in history, Dennis Anthony Tito, would return to space with Starship, on a journey to approaches the Moon.

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The price of 450 million reais is enough to go into space. Credits: Alones – / Editing: Netcost-Security

He went down in history as the first person to pay for the privilege of flying beyond Earth, when he paid no less than 20 million US dollars (equivalent to about 106 million reais in current exchange rates) to board the Russian spacecraft Soyuz TM- 32 en route to the International Space Station (ISS) on April 28, 2001.

After that, other space tourists already had a chance to observe our planet from afar, float in microgravity and feel almost like a real astronaut.

SpaceX will take the first space tourist in history to the
Dennis Tito on the International Space Station (ISS), alongside Russian cosmonaut Yuri Baturin and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, his companions on the mission that made him the world’s first space tourist, in 2001. Image: NASA

The first had to “hitchhike” to scientific missions, mainly aboard Russian Soyuz rockets, as was the case with Tito. However, with the growing interest in the sport, some companies have specialized in this type of “astronomical” circuit.

This is the case of Blue Origin, founded by the American billionaire Jeff Bezos, and Virgin Galactic, founded by the British Richard Branson. Both even had the pleasure of having that experience – with paying customers (nearly all of them billionaires).

This “almost” is due to the fact that some have their places sponsored, invited or, simply, awarded in a draw – as happened with the only representative of Brazil in the hall of space tourists, Victor Corrêa Hespanha, who flew on Blue Origine in June of this year after being included in a promotion carried out by an international cryptocurrency agency.

June astronomical calendar has Brazil in space
During Blue Origin’s 5th manned mission, civil production engineer Victor Hespanha became the 2nd Brazilian to be launched into space and the country’s first space tourist. Image: Personal Archive – Instagram

Defying the “privileged of the privileged”, most have to put their hands in their pockets if they want to enjoy this unique sensation. Thus, winning the Mega da Virada can be your passport to live this unique adventure. But how much does it cost to go to space?

Among the private companies that offer space tourism services, the three mentioned above stand out: Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX (although the last two are not dedicated exclusively to leisure travel).

There are also those who offer balloon rides to the stratosphere – far from the 100 km that mark the limit between Earth and space, the so-called Kármán line (which is, in fact, the “last frontier”).

But, of course, it is still an exciting ride, which offers incredible views and promises to be an unforgettable trip. In this branch, we have as options the Space Perspective and World Vision Developments.

For those who can invest US$ 50,000 (about R$ 266,000), these are the best options – which are not yet available, but are already accepting reservations.

If you don’t mind going into space or floating in microgravity just watching the Earth’s curvature, this mode is significantly more affordable than the flights offered by any other major space tourism company.

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Space Perspective’s Neptune capsule, which will take tourists to the “edges of space” supported by a balloon. Image: Disclosure – Spatial Perspective

Those who insist on flying further and decide to do so with Virgin Galactic, the minimum payable is US$ 250,000, which is equivalent to around R$ 1.3 million at current prices. And for that, you will still have to pay 1,000 US dollars (5,330 reais) to join the queue, which already has big names like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or even Elon Musk, owner of competitor SpaceX.

Blue Origin has yet to reveal pricing for a seat on the New Shepard. We only know that the first place on the NS-16 mission – the one that took Bezos and his brother Mark – was auctioned off and sold by an unidentified buyer for $28 million (just over $149 million). she ended up not even boarding due to scheduling conflicts. Remember that the trips offered by both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are of the “return” type, that is, they are suborbital flights, which do not circumnavigate the Earth or extend into space.

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The New Shepard rocket is the vehicle used by Blue Origin for suborbital space travel. Image: Origin Blue

See more information:

SpaceX’s first fully private commercial voyage to the ISS launched in April this year, in partnership with Texas-based startup Axiom Space. The four crew members traveled aboard a Crew Dragon capsule, propelled by a Falcon 9 rocket.

With the exception of Michael López-Alegría, an Axiom employee and former NASA astronaut, the other three paid to participate in the flight, paying US$ 55 million each (about R$ 293 million), an amount that included training, launching and everyday. current costs. for survival on the ISS for 14 days. Despite disclosing the value of this inaugural flight, SpaceX has not yet defined ticket prices for future flights.

Obviously, having money is not enough to get the feat done. Therefore, winning the Mega da Virada is not enough. There are certain requirements for a person to be able to travel in space, even on purely tourist missions. To learn more about these criteria and much more on the subject, visit the space tourism guide from digital appearance🇧🇷

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