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Based on the observation that in France malnutrition affects 40% of elderly homes and that, in addition, food waste, which is very common, costs an average of €40,000 for an 80-bed home, Cyril Deronne wanted to respond to these problems by creating the DMCC in 2019. “I noticed these dysfunctions when I worked in collective catering companies that worked in nursing homes. I was convinced that only innovation could bring concrete solutions to health and medical-social establishments”, explains the founder of DMCC.

An innovative project partially funded thanks to Bpifrance

At each meal, the nursing team uses the connected carts to adapt the contents of the dishes. All residents, therefore, do not have the same amount… it is determined according to their special diet and consumption habits. DMCC photo

To launch this innovative project, Cyril Deronne had the support of Bpifrance. Initially, the company received a French technology grant. This allowed the deployment of a proof of concept. DMCC has also received honorary loans from the Nancy Initiative Network and the Lorraine Entreprendre Network – 100% matched by Bpifrance. These loans, granted on a personal basis, promote the strengthening of the beneficiary companies’ equity. DMCC then requested a device granted by Bpifrance: a seed loan. The latter “feeds the company to improve the technology deployed”, explains Cyril Deronne.

Bpifrance provides assistance in all stages of business maturity. Among the other financial initiatives it offers are fundraising (corresponding contribution of up to 50%) and loans for innovation (Bpifrance’s share of up to 80%). An essential help for the creation and development of companies that the director of the DMCC wanted to salute. “Without Bpifrance’s help, I wouldn’t have gone so fast. Today, it is an essential player for any innovative startup that wants to develop”, he evaluates.

A reassuring tool for families of nursing home residents

Thanks to various financial contributions, Cyril Deronne and his team were able to develop innovative solutions capable of measuring and analyzing the nutrition of residents in nursing homes on a daily basis. Preventing and combating malnutrition by helping establishments to individualize their residents’ diet, but also allowing them to reduce food waste, such are the objectives of these innovative systems. “We are responding to social, environmental and economic issues at the same time”, guarantees the manager.

In concrete terms, DMCC has developed smart, connected clearing service carts used at every meal by home agents. Thanks to wireless technology, each dish is assigned to a resident (its nutritional profile appears on a screen), and scales connected to the carts make it possible to know precisely the amount of meat, vegetables and starches consumed by the person in the meal .

“We know this thanks to our cleaning trolleys, which are equipped with two bins where proteins are thrown on one side, starches and vegetables on the other”, specifies the manager. From there, the data collected in the form of Data allows analyzing the intake of calories and proteins consumed by the resident.

Thanks to the cleaning trolley, it is possible to analyze the consumption of residents. Depending on what is thrown away, a nutritional rebalance can be proposed later. DMCC photo

This data will later be sent to the doctor at the nursing home who will be able to carry out a nutritional rebalance if necessary. These analyzes also allow the establishment to understand which dishes are not appreciated by residents in order to reduce waste. Enriched by this innovation, the DMCC has already won over many nursing home management groups.

Thirty nursing homes are expected to join existing customers in 2023. Hence the fundraising that the company is preparing to ensure its development. “The market is heated, because it is a very delicate subject. Residents’ families are now demanding more transparency after the cases of malnutrition that have emerged in recent months. Our connected solution is an effective tool to reassure them”, concludes the manager.

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