Hakim Mataich: “Human capital matters, whether online or in-store”

Hakim Mataich
Electroplanet Director

Having learned the switch to digital several years ago, Electroplanet continues to reinvent itself to serve its customers, thanks to the emphasis on advice and service that are the strength of its brands and its customer experience.

E-commerce is developing strongly in Morocco, do you share this observation?
E-commerce has progressed considerably in Morocco in recent years. This sales channel has become very competitive today, as it continues to influence traditional retail, as well as consumer behavior and habits. Thus, Electroplanet, through its website www.electroplanet.ma, continues to consolidate its leading position in the e-commerce of domestic appliances and high technology products in Morocco.

In your opinion, what strategy should national operators follow?
National companies must increasingly adapt to the rise of e-commerce. They must have sufficient resources, skills and experience to effectively embrace digital change and better adapt to new consumer habits. It is necessary to better understand the motivations of the potential buyer and position him as a center of interest. It’s about focusing not on the product, but on the customer experience.

Electroplanet was a forerunner in launching its e-commerce website. What is your strength compared to the competition?
Electroplanet has already had great success in capturing the digital shift. Its strength vis-à-vis the competition is being able to reinvent the way it serves its customers thanks to the emphasis on advice and service that are the strength of its brands and its customer experience.

Precisely, what is your roadmap for e-commerce activity?
Electroplanet focuses its presence in the Kingdom on an omnichannel model based on its brick-and-mortar stores and commercial website. She knows how to take advantage of these two sales channels to consistently provide the best, most immersive, efficient and intelligent experience possible. Thus, Electroplanet reinforces its role, that of advising the customer in the best possible way for their use and their needs, in an informed and autonomous way.

What are the advantages of your e-commerce website?
Electroplanet’s omnichannel retail is both human – with the desire to find the spirit of the store on the web thanks to the expertise of the sellers – and more digital, with an online experience that is increasingly immersive, efficient and powered by “artificial intelligence”. Thus, chats and visits with sellers, livestreaming and liveshopping conducted by our specialists, in parallel with the creation of dedicated content, will allow intensifying interactions with customers and better informing their choices on our website. We also continue to reinforce the IT resources made available to our commercial specialists, allowing them to provide a tailor-made response to each customer in the store (order collection, after-sales service, need for repairs, specific research, etc.).

Can online shopping replace stores? What logic do you follow in this regard?
Electroplanet has set up a fully humanized omnichannel retail system, as it highlights the spirit of the web store. We will continue to capitalize on our salespeople’s expertise, placing them at the center of the customer’s digital experience, with the aim of building an even more personalized relationship of trust with consumers through this new channel. Electroplanet’s Vision 2025 is, in large part, about continuing to capitalize on people like never before. Whether online or in-store, the company relies on its 1,200 employees whose experience and passion are widely recognized.

What are the advantages of selling online versus stores?
At Electroplanet, we bring the benefits of our stores to our website and the benefits of our website to our stores! To this end, we are constantly on the lookout for all the innovations that enrich the customer experience, on the web but also and above all in an omnichannel view. It is important for us to provide expertise and advice both on our website and in our stores. So, because offering an omnichannel, innovative and surprising experience is at the heart of Electroplanet’s values, we offer customers, while visiting our shelves on the web, the possibility of directly contacting salespeople in stores, via chat or video. Such an experience logically generates record levels of satisfaction with our customers.

Have you noticed changes in customer behavior in terms of payment connected ?
Online payment in Morocco is booming. Easy to use, the bank card has become an increasingly popular tool among Moroccans for online transactions, especially for e-commerce services. It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce player, a marketplace or any other brand, online payment allows you to optimize your performance. This is an effective and quick way to carry out business transactions and, at the same time, build customer loyalty. In addition, it ensures better traceability for both parties.

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