Chrystèle Ronceray: “Bringo is a humanized e-commerce service”

The LabelVie group quickly adapted to the new needs of Moroccan consumers, whose demand for online shopping increased with the outbreak of the health crisis. To respond even better to this need, the retailer launched its “Bringo by Carrefour” application.

E-commerce has developed strongly in Morocco, what is LabelVie’s reading of this sector?

The Covid-19 crisis gave an incredible boost to national e-commerce. Private operators were forced to adapt very quickly to support consumers and make their products available during the confinement period. The Moroccans also surprised, showing a quick adaptation to this new commercial circuit that they had difficulties to explore before the crisis. In addition, the e-commerce target audience base has expanded and is no longer exclusive to specific products or a certain category of consumers. The market saw demand outstrip supply during the crisis and we saw companies adapt quickly through different means. People were confined and economic activity was down. Only vital needs, especially food, managed to continue to excel in non-virtual trade.

So how did the band adapt to this big change?

The LabelVie Group had shown great resilience during the second quarter of 2020, the peak period of the crisis, in particular with the confinement. Our Carrefour Market stores recorded, during the 2nd quarter of 2020, an increase in turnover of around 16% compared to the 2nd quarter of 2019. However, to meet the needs of our customers, we launched, shortly after the crisis outbreak march 2020 home delivery of groceries. The aim was to be present in the online ordering sector, to support our customers regardless of the chosen purchase method. In order to accelerate this approach and make our shopping delivery service accessible to more people, we have launched a strategic partnership with Glovo. And so we launched our own e-commerce application: Bringo by Carrefour (

What are the axes of LabelVie’s e-commerce strategy? What achievements for Bringo?

I insist once again on the particularity of the Retail and FMCG sector. Most customers want to buy what they see with their own eyes, what they touch. On the other hand, they like to walk around the store, pay attention to promotions, news… For some, it is even a family outing where everyone chooses their purchases. From there, we seek to offer a solution that meets most of these needs. Thus, our Bringo by Carrefour e-commerce solution is an application that offers a very successful user experience with high added value. It is a virtual storefront that is as close as possible to a physical visit to the store.

There is a very wide assortment and visible promotions in evidence as well as shelves virtually arranged by category and universe such as organic products or local products and specific diets. The customer also has the possibility, when placing the order, to leave instructions to the preparer through the application: ripe avocado, minced meat on several trays… Not only that! In addition to this very useful feature, we also provide our e-customer with an experienced and dedicated groomer called a Personal shopper. This shopper makes purchases at the customer’s location, calls him for further clarification or to offer substitute products, in case of unavailability of the products of his choice.

In the end, what do these different functionalities really bring?

These functionalities allow the customer to have access to the store’s entire assortment depending on availability, and even offer an additional service for the butchery and fishmonger departments, such as cleaning fish, cutting meat, numbering trays by volume. … All this in addition to the basic functionalities that allow you to choose the delivery time and program it in the application, choose the payment method, in this case online payment, but also delivery by TPE or in cash.

In addition, we have refrigerated trucks that comply with hygiene standards and the cold chain, which allows us to deliver, in accordance with quality standards, fresh or frozen products. Our operational teams ensure the sorting of products according to their nature, namely the separation of cleaning products from food products. Finally, our application allows our customers to save their shopping lists to be able to use them at another time, obviously with the possibility of modifying them, but also adding their favorite products to the favorite products category. Everything for a successful user experience with a “humanized” e-commerce service.

What about the digital infrastructure behind this application?

The LabelVie Group started its digital transformation in 2020 with the creation of its own digital factory. This is LabelFactory, an internal but independent entity that works, in particular, for the digital transformation of our digital infrastructures and our businesses. And since we operate today through 149 stores in 28 cities in the Kingdom, I imagine the work, mainly because we operate in 4 different formats: the Atacadao hypermarket, the Carrefour hypermarket and the Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express supermarkets. Today, our LabelFactory is also working on other projects to strengthen our e-commerce system and provide us with high-performance digital platforms with the aim of automating our processes, improving our efficiency and innovating. All to serve our customers and fully satisfy them.

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