Customer Experience, Conversational Commerce: The Unforgettable in 2022

The editors of En-Contact magazine wish you happy holidays and will meet you from the 2nd of January. She has prepared a list of the 15 milestone dates for you in 2021. And she suggests that for 2023 you change your music on hold to default and choose one of the many great songs written by Christine McVie. For us it will be “You Make Loving Fun”.

January 26th: exit at Fayard, Fossoyeurs. Victor Castanet’s book reveals that Orpea, one of the world leaders in EHPADs, offers a patient experience and care far removed from the commercial and contractual promise and prices offered. The company’s loss of value on the stock exchange will be considerable: -92% in one year. Our magazine (Cahiers de l’Expérience Client n°5) focused on measuring the patient experience among other players in the sector (Korian, DomusVi, Emera, Villa Beausoleil). It was everywhere very incomplete: the emailing of questionnaires to families often acting as the only device.

April 8: was the deadline for the presentation of proposals regarding the concession of services for the operation of paid public toilets spread over four locations (place du Trocadéro, Paris 7 and 16). The Chamber grants concessions to 34 toilets, of which eight are disabled toilets (disabled toilets) and eleven urinals: “the toilets will be open during the minimum periods imposed: 7 days a week, all year round, from 10:00 am to midnight, with the possibility of reducing these beaches in low season. The reseller may also sell derivative products on each of the sites. The built elements made available to the concessionaire will be new and equipped. The concessionaire may, at its own expense, install its own devices (entrance management, payment system, etc.). Exceptionally, the city of Paris will ask the concessionaire for free and open access to the various venues during the period of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. » Cleanliness and the number of bathrooms, the main point of friction in public places and in Paris.

April 21st: Jacques Perrin, famous producer and actor, dies. Discreet, workaholic, the producer has presented us with some memorable innovative cinematic experiences such as Z, Microcosmos, le Peuple Migrateur, films for which he has not hesitated to commit significant budgets or to build specific tools. Jean-Sébastien Decaux became the majority shareholder in the production company Galatée Films in December, which also interested Mediawan and Pathé Films.

June 12: Two former telephone advisors, Ségolène Amiot and Andy Kebrat, from the assistance company Fidélia Assistance, became NUPES deputies in the National Assembly. The famous first line, which contributes to the fulfillment, retail and delivery experience, is now represented in the National Assembly. Former housekeeper Rachel Kéké, an employee of an Accor subcontractor, was also elected.

June 23: Zaion wins a CX Award for Lucy, its callbot designed for Banque Postale. Speech analytics and AI, when combined, make it possible to quickly identify in the millions of voice conversations received by telephony platforms what is compromising or improving the customer experience. The voice many actors thought was in decline is a medium acclaimed by consumers around the world, especially since COVID.

August 12th: Luminess obtains administrative authorization to process US data under the contract by which it manages the digitization of the US patent filing (US Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO). The value of the contract is US$ 1.4 billion over ten years. Former Jouve is establishing itself as a key player in BPO, a key activity to streamline customer journeys, KYC, patient enrollment.

September 20: Majorel and Sitel Group announce in September 2022 that they will not merge. The whole would have become number 2 worldwide in call centers and customer relationship, being the first remnant of Teleperformance, like many French players.

October 13: publication of the implementing decree according to which unsolicited cold calls, which Bloctel would partially regulate, must comply with the new numbering plan. As of March 1, 2023, we will no longer be able to use any number to request it, telephone surveys can only be carried out on weekdays, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00. Prospecting calls will be limited to four within a month per phone per user.

November 4th: premiere of the new Starmania. The musical by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger, produced by Thierry Suc (Fimalac Entertainment), with the collaboration of Raphaël Hamburger, returns to the stage after a difficult gestation due in particular to COVID. A few weeks earlier, on October 13, one of the largest French recording studios, located in Var, in Correns, reopened this summer after significant work carried out by Brad Pitt. The original Miraval was created by Jacques Loussier, Patrice Quef officiated there as a sound engineer. Sade, Pink Floyd, Indochine and Chris Rea in particular recorded there. It was a young French woman, Diane BJ Koné, who recorded Au-berge, Chris Rea’s best selling album in 1978 with another English sound engineer.

November 8th: Following a tweet from Colombia’s Deputy Minister of Labor, Edwin Palma Egea, about Teleperformance and the working conditions that would be offered in moderation activities, Teleperformance’s share price dropped 34% on the stock exchange. Loss of value: more than 4 billion. There was no factual support for the tweet. The working conditions of moderators employed at Facebook, Twitter and TikTok were also the subject of earnest articles in The Guardian. Since 2018, former employees have revealed they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), some having sued their employers, like Selena Scola.

September 28th to 30th: the 1st forum created in France dedicated exclusively to the customer, patient and retail experience (Customer Experience The French Forum) held its tenth edition in la Baule, at the Hermitage-Barrière. In particular, we talk about the olfactory and sound experience and its impact on stores, the cleanliness of bathrooms (the first point of friction in physical places in the world), which creates true disruptions in hospitality, UX design, Care. Comdata, Vipp Interstis, Manifone are some of the faithful sponsors of the event. SNCF Gares & Connexions, Devialet, SFR, the National Gendarmerie have been there for the last ten years.

November 4th:, the famous English online furniture seller, co-founded by Ning Li and Brent Hoberman and which was later managed in France by Jessica Delpirou and Philippe Chainieux at a global level, files for bankruptcy, leaving thousands of customers who had made his purchases in the previous weeks, he paid for them… The latter highlighted the subtlety of article 3.2 of the general conditions of sale: “an undelivered order will be refunded as soon as possible”. At, you pay for your furniture when ordering without becoming the owner, the transfer of ownership takes place upon delivery. How did Fevad allow to join such a member? We are waiting for your answer. Kirsten Vangsgaard, an Aggrieved Customer, Takes Lead of a Facebook Protest Group

December 2: Harvest by Neil Young comes out a few months after celebrating his fiftieth birthday in a collector’s box that includes a film about his conception. The album impressed millions of people all over the world, it allowed testing the quality of the sound systems, such as Dark Side of the Moon at Fnac, which had a testing laboratory. 50 years later, Neil Young is still alive, recording albums, and in January 2022 he had his catalog removed from Spotify, believing that he could not share the same platform as a podcast spreading misinformation about COVID.

Neil Young Mythic Album

December 3: The SMS celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, the first having been sent by Neil Papworth, then 22 years old from Britain, who worked at Vodafone. The message consisted of two small words “Merry Christmas”. Using text messages at key moments in the customer’s journey has transformed the experience into e-commerce, click-and-collect, booking appointments on Doctolib or ordering a taxi. Notification tools like SMS, RCS, WhatsApp must now be integrated into customer journeys. Several CCaaS platform publishers offer these tools:, Twilio, Opportunity, In-fobip.

December 4th: In an interview with JDD, Thierry Marx, famous and well-known restaurateur, elected president of UMIH, the main employers’ union in the hotel and catering sector, calls for the regularization of all undocumented workers employed in the sector without delay. They are very numerous in the industry and there are still 200,000 vacancies to be filled!

All year, Parisian transport users on RATP and SNCF experience frustration, delays, lack of information.

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