A new roadmap for technology parks by 2027

This is a strategic step for the ecosystem

Innovation: A new roadmap for technoparks until 2027 was launched, thus opening an important stage in the evolution of the start-up ecosystem in Morocco.

Strengthen the network and support for start-ups in Morocco. This is one of the goals of the new technopark script. Indeed, Ghita Mezzour, Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, chaired, on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, at the headquarters of the Ministry for Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, the board of directors of the Moroccan company of technology parks of information (MITC), technology park management company. During this meeting, Lamiae Benmakhlouf, Director General of MITC, presented the new roadmap for technoparks up to 2027.

“This roadmap is based on three main objectives: to reinforce support for project leaders, start-ups and digital companies, expand the Technopark network in the regions of the Kingdom and adapt the vocations of future technoparks to regional sectoral specificities. In her presentation, Mrs. Benmakhlouf recalled that the performance of Technoparks over the past two decades has demonstrated its potential to support a greater number of digital start-ups and VSEs. The results have been positive in terms of achievements and impact, with 4 operational sites to date, more than 3,000 start-ups supported since 2001 (including 1,400 resident start-ups), an 89% sustainability rate after 5 years of existence and generation of 15,000 direct and indirect jobs”, reports a note from the ministry.

At this stage, the technoparks support around 450 innovative start-ups that generate an accumulated annual turnover of 900 million DH. “25% of them export their technological solutions specifically to Africa. Encouraging indicators for the implementation of a new, more ambitious strategic roadmap focused on strengthening support and providing start-ups at national level with scalable support mechanisms and programs adapted to accelerate their growth”, highlights the same source.

The roadmap for the new technopark is based on four major areas, namely regionalization, support, synergy and attractiveness. In terms of regionalization, MITC, the “technoparks management company”, intends, within the scope of this new strategy, to open “Technoparks” in the 12 regions of the Kingdom, to support technological talent and encourage them to create in their regions. beginners. Thus, the opening of 9 technoparks is planned over the next 5 years, so that the future network will total 14 sites. In terms of support, a new range of services will be launched for the development of entrepreneurial skills.

“This new offer covers the fundamental needs of start-ups in terms of access to finance, market access, networking and access to skills. For each dimension of support, the technopark designed a multiplicity of actions and initiatives programmed along the way from the start-up to the technopark”, indicates the ministry, adding that several support programs will be developed in collaboration with national and international entities partners with the aim of accelerating the development of start-ups and bringing their full potential and ability to deploy internationally.

In terms of synergy, MITC aims to position technoparks as a unifier of incubators and to involve regional actors in the implementation of technoparks projects. On the attractiveness side, the main objective is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit through the organization of various conferences and immersion days to publicize the world of innovation, its opportunities and challenges, but also to publicize national initiatives in terms of creation and financing of start-ups.

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