Chronopost strengthens network – Logistic Strategies

Order rush on Mondays, Black Friday, holiday season…: express delivery specialists must show flexibility in their investments in sorting machines, transport equipment and networks while absorbing the strong growth of e-commerce. In the case of Chronopost, which claims a 40% share of the French express delivery market for packages weighing less than 30 kg, BtoB, BtoC and CtoC combined, this strategy is based on ” in five-year master plans “says its president Benoît Frette. Thanks to this planning, the DPDgroup subsidiary (parcel delivery network of GeoPost, holding company of the La Poste group) delivered 235 million parcels in 2021, and plans to process 1.4 million on December 19, the strongest day this year .

Flexible and shared network

Benoît Frette, president of Chronopost, Nicolas Simon, director of the Aulnay-sous-Bois hub

By the end of 2022, Chronopost’s organization brings together ” 5,000 employees, 12 hubs, 100 branches complemented by 13 urban logistics spaces (ELU) and 6 Chrono City “, introduces Benoît Frette. With La Poste offices and Pick Up points, “ Chronopost has 19,555 points of contact in France “. Its transport plan is based on 7,500 daily trips, including 2,000 intersite night connections, carried out with as many swap bodies where packages are loaded in bulk. Finally, around 70 cities in France are delivered by low-emission vehicles.

From time to time, this organization is ” muscular to absorb the flow of orders. At the end of the year, for example, Chronopost put into service 12 additional temporary sites, increased the sorting capacity of existing sites and their rounds by 20%. We increased our capabilities by 6% “, specific.

This network groups together BtoB, BtoC and CtoC flows with a standard D+1 offer before 1 pm throughout France, with the possibility of delivery at other times in the morning, or even D to D under conditions. It also adds express and vertical offers: Chronofresh for three-temperature food products (ambient, fresh and frozen), Healthcare for pharmaceutical-health products and, more recently, Shop2Shop for out-of-home relay deliveries aimed in particular at the CtoC” in very strong growth “, emphasizes the manager.

The example of the national pole of Aulnay

Of the 12 hubs, two are national in the Paris region at Chilly-Mazarin and Aulnay-sous-Bois. Inaugurated at the end of 2018, with a one-level Crossbelt sorting machine supplied by Leonardo, the latter illustrates the investments and permanent adaptation of Chronopost’s industrial tools. From 130,000 orders/day at the start, its sorting capacity increased to 200,000 orders/day, with a forecast peak of 280,000 orders/day at the end of the year. Meanwhile, its area was expanded from 10,000 to 18,000 m2, and it is now equipped with 119 loading doors and 40 unloading docks. In the extension, completed in November 2021, a two-tier Crossbelt sorting machine was deployed by Fives, along with a 6-sided barcode reader (including one on the belt side). 🇧🇷 Since 2018, €40 million has been invested in Aulnay-sous-Bois, which currently handles 20% of our national flows “, reports Benoît Frette.

duplication of capabilities

A new investment of 18 million euros will be launched in the hub from December 26th, once the current peak of activity ends. 🇧🇷 For now, the two classifiers are not communicating “, explains its director Nicolas Simon. Additionally, over the next 18 months, the Leonardo sorting machine will be dismantled and deployed in a regional hub. Instead, Chronopost announces the development of a second two-level Fives installation.

In the fall of 2024, the site’s capacity will increase to 400,000 packs/day. At the same time, a sorting machine for small parcels will be created. 🇧🇷 In particular, it will process CTC streams that are mostly smaller in size “says the hub manager. A chain of non-mechanizable parcels will also be maintained, which represent 2.5% of the flows handled in Aulnay.

During the development of the new machine, part of the orders destined for the hub will be redirected to Chilly-Mazarin, which has a capacity of 450,000 orders/day, and to a new mechanized site opened this year in Longjumeau (€12 million). Among the other investments already planned, Benoît Frette indicates that Chronopost is currently looking for a site to create a new hub in the south of the Paris region by 2027.

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