The rush of end-of-year orders at the Quimperlé Post Office

Every morning, the same ritual on the post office platform in Quimperlé (Finistère). 7:00 am, arrival of the semi-trailer from Rennes.

An average of 2,500 orders have been withdrawn per day since the end of November 2022, with a peak of 2,750 orders on Dec. 8 am, a gentle effervescence hits the 1,100 m hangartwoArthur-Krebs avenue.

Parcels are picked by postal workers in the huge platform hangar located on avenue Arthur-Krebs, in Quimperlé (Finistère). 🇧🇷 WEST FRANCE

On deck are the 64 postal workers who are on the platform (including 57 postmen and postmen), reinforced by fifteen contract workers specially recruited and trained for this Christmas season. The platform is running at full steam.

45 rounds, 32,200 mailboxes

In addition to the 22,000 letters to be handled daily, La Poste has to face the challenge of this rush of orders and their delivery at the foot of the tree, or almost. Your playground? Around 32,200 mailboxes affected by the 45 rounds in the municipalities of the country of Quimperlé, with the exception of Scaër.

Each line corresponds to an address. The postmen sort the mail and distribute it before going on rounds. 🇧🇷 WEST FRANCE

At the height of the health crisis, Christmas 2020 was marked by a historically high number of packages. Since ? A return to normality despite the economic context.

The amount of activity is 10% lower than it was in 2020, but still very strong,” says Jean-Marc Lebouchard, director of the Lorient and Quimperlé national platforms.

Jean-Marc Lebouchard manages the Lorient and Quimperlé mail platforms. 🇧🇷 WEST FRANCE

Among orders from Amazon, Cdiscount and other e-commerce platforms, but also Colissimo for individuals or professionals who develop online sales, “It has everything, it’s very varied. From very large packages to small gift packages. 🇧🇷 Purpose of the Post? Respond in a timely manner to the expectations of private customers, as well as to the commitments negotiated with online sales giants.

In the field, in all climates

The first two hours of each morning are devoted to preparing and sorting letters and packages before the postmen leave. Bicycle, three-wheel scooter, electric ATV or car, each has its own vehicle. Between 30 and 130 km are traveled depending on the rounds.

“It must circle the Earth several times each year,” observes Jean-Marc Lebouchard. In short: an all-weather field presence. “Our postmen enjoy contact with customers, that’s what trumps everything else. 🇧🇷

service expansion

Postal activity in freefall, from 18 billion letters in 2008 to 7 billion in 2021 nationally, “requires continuous evolution and adaptation”, continues the director. From there, an offer that expands in all directions in digital, as well as in the domain of proximity, such as the new service “Cuidado de meu Parents”. Regular visits by the postman are offered to nursing homes far from their family members.

This familiar and comforting presence breaks the feeling of loneliness. Five contracts of this type have already been closed in Quimperlé. “We are really looking to develop this, with delivery of meals, groceries, medicines…”, insists Jean-Marc Lebouchard. This is an illustration of the social bond that the postman has always embodied. “In general, people are nice to us, guarantees David Quéré, postman for fifteen years. 🇧🇷 The better this contact, the more pleasant the work. 🇧🇷

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