At age 10, Labdip, a specialist in jeans, reinforces its wholesale network

Propose the perfect jeans. This is the ambition – daring – of the Parisian brand Labdip, founded by Johnny, Léa and Kelly Wu. The family trio started its activities with a single-product concept in 2012. at 58 rue Amelot (11th arrondissement), a service called “the Lab” to help its customers find the right denim garment for their body type.

In its showroom, Labdip has already received around 250 women in one year and helps them find the jeans of their dreams – Labdip

Personalized support, free and lasting an average of one hour, which the brand launched last January to celebrate its tenth anniversary. “Jeans are one of the most popular clothes in France, but many women still have difficulty finding what really suits them according to their morphology”, underlines Johnny Wu.

“We get around 250 women for consultations in our showroom,” adds Kelly Wu, co-founder, often women who have recently given birth and who want to regain their femininity while wearing super comfy jeans. The success of this “privileged fit” led the family trio to refuse it in an itinerant version to perform a Tour de France in jeans.

For the first leg of this “Lab Tour”, which ran from September to early December, the Labdip teams stopped in Montreuil, Annecy, Lille, Rouen, Bordeaux and Port-Louis. “Spending a day at our dealerships allows us to have a physical presence, get to know our customers and improve the design of our products with their feedback, adds Léa Wu. Next year, we plan to hold our sales events at another twenty points of sale. 🇧🇷

The Parisian brand is testing a hybrid version of direct sales and offers a small incursion into the retail entertainmentmarketing strategy inspired by American malls, where shopping is thought to be fun for the consumer.

Consolidate a European wholesale network

Today, the jeans specialist has just over 300 points of sale on five continents. The most recent: the Printemps Haussmann multi-brand space in Paris (19th arrondissement), where Labdip arrived last September. Next year, the trio at the head of the brand announces 25 new retailers in France “to better integrate the territory”.

With historical roots in France, at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and Merci in the capital, the brand has established itself well among its neighbors, such as Spain with the El Corté Inglés chain, Belgium or even the German market where Labdip s was launched in 2016 .

Labdip announces that it will be referenced by 25 new resellers in France next year – Labdip

If the brand started selling in wholesale, and that this distribution channel represents 80% of its sales, it is increasingly involved with e-commerce since the arrival of Kelly Wu, responsible for BtoC and digital to the team. “We launched our website in September 2019, shortly before the Covid pandemic, explains the youngest of the trio. This year we did a lot of influence work to establish our notoriety, such as campaigns in paid social networks with influencers who pass on our brand to their community of fans.”

The specialist denim brand claims to earn 3 million euros in 2022 and “for 2023 we are betting on a goal of 4 million euros in turnover”, launches Johnny Wu. the price of your parts by 7% to 10%.

Since its creation ten years ago, Labdip announces that it has sold around 250,000 jeans and turned down its single product in 150 colors. Your bestseller? The “Sully” model, high-waisted straight pants made in a factory near Shanghai, available in two versions, “Samuel” and “Swan”. The brand, which employs 12 people, expects to recruit four more people next year, and announces a new material for next winter: cotton silk, which combines the strength and fluidity of the piece.

The family trio at the head of Labdip will present their brand and their summer collection at the Who’s Next show, which will take place in the capital, at Porte de Versailles, from January 21 to 23, 2023.

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