“We support employers and CSEs every day in their desire to give their employees purchasing power and well-being at work”

Interview with Ilan Ouanounou, CEO of Edenred France

Can you tell us about Edenred and more specifically about Edenred in France?

Edenred develops, in France and in 45 countries, digital solutions to improve employees’ purchasing power and quality of life at work. Our job is to create links between employers, employees and local merchants, thanks to digital payment solutions for specific uses.

We offer these solutions for companies of all sizes, from large listed groups to VSEs with less than 10 employees. Our best known solution in France is Ticket Restaurant🇧🇷, which is also the preferred social benefit of the French. We also offer digital solutions for mobility with our partner Betterway, motivation (Kadéos) and work-life balance (Ticket CESU, Télétravail Edenred).

Finally, we offer CSEs a suite of software and a web and mobile e-commerce platform, allowing employees to access offers on discounted tickets for shows, travel or shopping.

“Our job is to create links through money devices. 🇧🇷

Purchasing power, inflation… these issues are at the heart of the concerns of the French. Do you provide an answer to these concerns?

Purchasing power is today the main concern of more than 60% of the French, in a context of inflation. Our mission is to help respond to them as effectively as possible. What we offer companies with our solutions is to offer their employees additional purchasing power free of all charges and taxes. For example, for an employee with SMIC, benefiting from a restaurant voucher reduces the average cost of their lunch break by half (from 16% to 8% of gross monthly salary). This has a very positive effect on purchasing power.

For the company, it is a cheaper alternative to paying wages due to the exemption from charges and improves the quality of life at work for employees. We know, for example, that restaurant voucher beneficiaries have, on average, a healthier diet and are less likely to miss lunch. Not to mention that this money is used directly in restoration, the local economy par excellence, and thus contributes to job creation there. It’s the virtuous circle of what we call “arrow money”🇧🇷 It is therefore complementary to salary and everyone wins.

Because you know fate…

Absolutely. Because the Ticket Restaurant® will be used in the bakery next door, in the local supermarket, in restaurants in the neighborhood and within the limit of a daily limit defined by the State. By proposing this, we are concretely putting into practice our reason for being “Enrich connections. For good. » : We enrich connections between employees, employers and local businesses.

“Offering additional purchasing power that will have a real impact on the local economy!” 🇧🇷

You were talking about Edenred France’s mobility offer. Could you explain its origins and the offer you propose to us today?

The public authorities, through the 2019 LOM law, created the possibility for companies to contribute to the financing of workers’ home-to-work journeys. At the same time, the government’s objective is to limit the use of individual motorized vehicles, which still represent 73% of home-work trips today, encouraging employees to resort to light mobility, such as bicycles or electric vehicles. Transport is more expensive, especially since the spectacular increase in fuel prices. Urban use of bicycles, scooters or electric vehicles in car sharing has exploded since the health crisis. In two years, bicycle turnover in France has experienced a staggering increase of over 43% and the sector is mainly driven by electrically assisted bicycles (EVA).

The Edenred x Betterway Mobility account

That’s why we partnered with Betterway, 1er universal account dedicated to sustainable mobility, to support companies in their transition to sustainable mobility.

Thanks to this exclusive partnership with Betterway, we offer them the most complete and flexible solution on the market to finance their employees’ daily journeys, giving them the possibility to choose the means of transport that best suits their needs.

The latter covers all subsidies provided by the employer for commuting their workers: from the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD) for new modes of smooth mobility, to paying part of public transport subscriptions or the fuel bonus .

It should be remembered that, for 2022 and 2023, the maximum annual exemption limit of the Sustainable Mobility Package (FMD) introduced by the LOM was increased: workers can thus receive up to €800 of purchasing power free of charge (in case of accumulation with public transport pass).

The exemption limit for public transport expenses for employees was, in turn, raised to 75% of the subscription price, against 50% previously.

Telework is also a strong theme for Edenred France…

Indeed, mobility and teleworking are key issues for companies. At Edenred, we always seek to support changes in the world of work.

The Edenred Telework solution is a digital account associated with an e-commerce platform where employees can access more than 2,500 products in just a few clicks (office equipment and consumables, consumables and IT equipment). The company that subscribes to our solution can then credit a tax-free subsidy of up to €580 per year to each employee so that he can complete and improve his equipment at home.

The selected products will be delivered directly to your home. As with all of our solutions, the Edenred Telecommuting solution provides assurance of correct allocation of funds. It is also synonymous with simplicity: the subsidy payment to each employee is made directly online without expense report or proof of payment.
In the end, with Edenred’s wide range of solutions, our customers can offer their employees + €6,000 in additional purchasing power free of charge and gain attractiveness in today’s tense HR market.

More information https://www.edenred.fr/

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