Grenoble start-up Andyamo was awarded the “digital mobility” award

Facilitate the daily journeys of people with reduced mobility. It is with this ambition that Sébastien Guillon and Marco Petitto founded Grenoble-based start-up Andyamo
in 2017. It is developing a GPS application that allows people with disabilities to get around more easily. A technology awarded in December 2022 with the “digital mobility” prize awarded by the magazine City, Train and Transport

France Bleu Isère: What does winning this award mean to you?

Sébastien Guillon: It is a great distinction that we have achieved in collaboration with SMMAG – the common mobility union for the Grenoble area – which is the public transport operator in Grenoble. The adaptation of this GPS to Grenoble is a joint project. It must allow all people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities to move independently.

But in Grenoble and Isère, are there still things to improve in terms of accessibility?

Marco Petito : SMMAG makes a lot of efforts in terms of accessibility to means of transport. Buses and trams in Grenoble are all accessible. But from then on, it will be necessary to make efforts, especially in terms of the road system. We will work throughout Grésivaudan and throughout the Voironnais country. The first step is to map the city and identify the places where sidewalks have not yet been developed. SMMAG will then be able to pass the information to the metropolis so that it can start doing road development work.

What’s next for the start-up?

Sébastien Guillon: It is to take into account other profiles, for example families with small children and prams. It is also necessary to address the elderly and people who are temporarily disabled. The aim is therefore to be as inclusive as possible in mobility in Grenoble, that all profiles and all inhabitants are taken into account in this GPS.

Would you like to expand to other places in the national territory?

We are already in contact with other cities in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Afterwards, the ideal is to head towards Paris because in 2024 there are the Olympic and Paralympic Games. There is a lot of work to be done on buses and roads to transport disabled spectators to competition and celebration venues.

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