Hérault: start-ups will fly to Las Vegas to take off in the US

The two leaders of Odaptos, Maximilien Joannides and Felipe Restrepo, will present their AI-powered innovation at CAS in Las Vegas (©dr)

From the 5th to the 8th of January 2023, AD’OCCagency of economic development of Occitania region, organizes the already traditional excursion to the USA regional start-ups in the other city that never sleeps… This year, for the inevitable Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) of vegasthat allows french startups to gain a foothold in the large North American market, 26 Occitan companies digital will be present.

Occitania, land of innovation

An important delegation for a region classified in the 5 best french in terms ofdigital innovationand will be accompanied by Carol Delga🇧🇷 Thanks to CES, the largest international fair dedicated to technological innovation, the President of the Occitanie Region intends to train start-ups that create employment in the territory faster access to the International.

“I want to make Occitania a leader in the innovative economy by doubling the number of regional start-ups, i.e. 100 creations per year”

Carol DelgaPresident of the Occitania Region

“I wanted to be at their side this year to promote the exceptional ecosystem we have in Occitania and develop the potential of our companies and their innovations”, explains the president: “The challenges are multiple: helping our companies gain visibility and accelerate their international development , but also to convince new partners and companies to come and settle in Occitania”.

Stand out in Las Vegas

For the elected official, the theme is crucial for the sector: “We must allow regional startups to stand out among the 2,000 exhibitors from around the world in this high annual mass of technological innovation”. Carole Delga, in addition to CES 2023, does not hide her ambitions in the economic field: “I want to go further and make Occitania a leader in the innovative economy, doubling the number of regional startups, that is, 100 creations per year.

The start-up Biterroise Teoola was created in 2017 by two longtime friends, Alfredo Varela da Veiga and Benjamin Arnaudet
The start-up Biterroise Teoola was created in 2017 by two longtime friends, Alfredo Varela da Veiga and Benjamin Arnaudet (©dr)

Four startups will receive an award

For this 2023 edition, thirteen companies from Occitania will be present at Eureka Park, the heart of the American fair dedicated to the most innovative and relevant solutions, while another 13 startups will be present in other pavilions. Occitania will undoubtedly be scrutinized at this fair: this year, four regional start-ups, A Capela, Odaptos, I-Percut and AllPRiv will receive a “CES Innovation Award”, a record for the region.

The 26 Hérault companies participating at CES 2023:

At Eureka Park:
adapted (Montpellier). Sector: trade.
This start-up helps companies learn their users’ emotions to improve their digital products using artificial intelligence. Its innovative approach focuses on the in-depth analysis of the interviewee’s behavioral and sentimental information. Thanks to AI, it analyzes facial recognition and natural language processing.
CES Innovation Awards Winner – Software & Mobile Apps Category

Other pavilions:
AllPRiv(Montpellier). Industry: cybersecurity.
Allpriv provides cybersecurity for large companies and governments and allows their employees to work anywhere in the same secure conditions as in the office. Allpriv has designed an innovative solution to address the lack of cybersecurity in medical devices.
Winner of the CES Innovation Awards – Digital Health Category

Synox (Montpellier). Sector: mobility
Synox is an IoT integrator and IoT solutions publisher, facilitator of Internet of Things projects. The startup notably supports the digital transformation of companies and communities with the aim of increasing their operational excellence, offering new value-added services and generating savings.

company area (Montpellier). Sector: business.
This start-up from Montpellier operates in a specific field: the creation and management of new generation coworking spaces.

teoola (Beziers). Sector: mobility.
The start-up Biterroise is developing a mobile application for live shows. She created an app and platform that “digitises word of mouth”, allowing businesses to hype their community live.

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