Accelerator Digital celebrates its two years and more than 35,000 entrepreneurs trained in Digital – France

According to a survey conducted by Amazon among Digital Accelerator participants between July and September 2022, 75% of registered entrepreneurs started their businesses, sometimes online, sometimes in person. Some have even capitalized on the existing synergy between online commerce and traditional commerce to embark on both fronts. The research also reveals that 60% of participants were able to expand internationally thanks to Digital Accelerator training.

An agnostic, modular and very complete program
Free and accessible to all, the Digital Accelerator takes the form of various training courses in the form of tutorials, webinars or even bootcamps (intensive programs) providing essential knowledge to start and improve online sales. “The Digital Accelerator allows all entrepreneurs to access the tools and knowledge they need to start their business online, whether through their own business website or on an existing marketplace like Amazon”, says Clara Getzel, head of services for SMEs, Among the training available: preparation for the digital transition, opening your own online sales website, introduction to the marketplace, building the brand, increasing traffic, guaranteeing logistics and accelerating sales…

The program includes over 120 modules. They cover all aspects of e-commerce in the form of short videos, knowledge tests or even online or brick-and-mortar workshops led by experts. Physical workshops, or Bootcamp, consist of one to two days of accelerated training organized quarterly. on the occasion of your 2th anniversary, Accelerador Digital organized a Bootcamp on December 9th, bringing together more than 100 entrepreneurs and a dozen specialists. In addition to these events, some of the participants can also benefit from personalized coaching over several months, provided free of charge by a professional with strong business experience to help them define goals and mobilize the means to achieve them.

Launched by Amazon, the Digital Accelerator has the support of around fifty partners who directly contribute to the training and coaching content, including Start the F Up (innovation studio and specialist in business creation), Kirk (UX and strategy agency product design) or Web&Vous (specialist in social strategy). It also has strategic partnerships with French Tech Grand Paris, Réseau Entreprendre, Femmes des Territoires and La Platform to be closer to French entrepreneurs and co-organize events.

Promoting the upskilling of French entrepreneurs
Amazon has supported French companies for almost 20 years in their digital transformation, giving them the means to extend their area of ​​influence across France, Europe and even the entire world if they so choose. The sme report from Amazon highlights the success of companies making the digital leap: in 2021, more than 13,000 French VSEs and SMEs trusted Amazon to develop their activities; they created nearly 35,000 jobs.

In an economic context that demands more than ever that companies accelerate their digital transformation, the Digital Accelerator is a continuation of Amazon’s approach. Its success demonstrates a real appetite for digital among business leaders, as Eve Rihouey, social media manager at WEB&VOUS points out: “During the various training sessions organized by the Digital Accelerator, we were able to meet many aspiring entrepreneurs motivated and passionate about their project with the main objective of getting started in the digital world. Adapting to all levels, the Accelerador Digital training courses knew how to meet their needs and even reconcile some of them with digital, and in particular social networks. For the most part, they managed to make the leap and are now present on the web”🇧🇷

“Amazon opened its site to third-party companies in 2003 and has since built a trusted relationship with thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. They are the perfect illustration of the opportunity that online commerce represents for the development of French companies. These past two years have shown that increasing the digital skills of French VSEs and SMEs leads to better resilience for these key players in the French economy, and we are proud to help VSE and SME managers seize the opportunities. digital”, says Clara Getzel.

The Digital Accelerator, the participants speak best about it
The numbers and facts described above, however, do not fully capture the impact of the Digital Accelerator. A point of view is missing, that of entrepreneurs. To better understand the impact of this training program on those who participated, here is an anthology of testimonies:

When you plan to start a business, you don’t always know what questions to ask. The Digital Accelerator allows you not to miss anything in your reflection, giving you a complete overview. I don’t know of an equivalent, because the training offered in the market is generally very specialized: marketing, accounting, management, etc.

Pierre Arcens

Former IT technician who intends to start personal services activity

In addition to the short, easy-to-digest formats that make information accessible, the Digital Accelerator also has the advantage of making the process less dramatic by showing that e-commerce is within everyone’s reach.

Laura Dufour

Founder of children’s stationery brand Ticky-Tacky

Thanks to the Digital Accelerator, I realized the extent to which the potential of online commerce was still underused, especially in France, and this clearly reinforced my plan to sell my creations online.🇧🇷

Benjamin Duvauchel

Founder of Artisan 3D, a company that manufactures 3D objects

The feedback from other entrepreneurs who started selling online is particularly interesting and, thanks to the coaching, I took a step back, refined the content on my website, reorienting my business towards what was really important.🇧🇷

Nicholas Darricau

Founder of the website OdysWines

Digital Accelerator has allowed us to connect with experts who share a common goal: helping you succeed. They guide you through the concrete steps to take, showing quite exceptional positive energy. I was amazed at the technical means used and the quality of the training content🇧🇷

alban viau

Co-founder of Hilaycha

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