The start-up Husprey raises 3 million euros

Husprey, an expert in data analytics, announces a €3 million grant from Galion.exe, Axeleo Capital and an inner circle of Business Angels. The French start-up has developed a platform that allows all types of companies to use data more efficiently. Data analysts can now share their findings faster, more efficiently and in a single document (laptop) with all teams (Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.).

ROI and time savings for everyone in data analysis

Today, analytics teams navigate between dashboards and slides to share their findings. This process is not only slow but also a source of many errors.

Faced with this problem, Husprey launched a platform that gives analysts a central place where they can collaborate, connect their data, perform analysis and share it with the company’s employees, whether they are a technical, business or managerial user, for middle of notebooks. Users have direct access to Husprey documents to support their business decisions.

Husprey therefore offers a strong paradigm shift that dramatically reduces the number of unused and expensive-to-maintain dashboards, while increasing the efficiency of analytics teams.

In 2022, the Husprey solution gained very good customers in France (Ankorstore, Malt or Doctrine), internationally (Germany, Netherlands, United States) and recorded a weekly usage growth of 5%.

With this funding round, Husprey wants to become the go-to tool for data analysts

“This fundraiser is a decisive step in the development of Husprey. Today, while data has become central in making business decisions, it is observed that business teams do not always understand data analysts. Husprey is a game changer. Our notebooks allow us to deliver clear analyzes with context, data and conclusions. Telling a story with a panel is tricky; with Husprey, it is easy and the company gains in productivity and performance.” underlines Thibaut Collette, CEO of Husprey

The funds will allow the team to double in size by the end of the first half of 2023 to recruit software developers, marketers, salespeople and a chief data officer role. The objective is to continue to save more time for data analysts and facilitate decision-making for business teams.

“During our audit, two things struck me. First, the passion shared by customers for the Husprey solution. Then the quality of the product. This level of quality at this stage of development is a strong signal”, explains Willy Braun, from Galion.exe.

In a fast-growing market, which is expected to continue growing +12.8% per annum over the next three years, according to IDC, to reach a valuation of 40 billion by 2026, Husprey is establishing itself as an important new player, and the only existing solution in Europe.

About Husprey

Husprey was created in 2020 by Thibaut Collette, Télécom Paris HEC and Joffrey Villard PhD, CentraleSupelec, both former Withings employees. The startup offers a turnkey service for the Data Analyst to leverage the data and make them accessible to a greater number of people in a single document, the notebook. Its notebook technology helps data analysts answer business questions as quickly as possible in a single document. Husprey is based in Paris and Lyon and has a team of 8 people.

Thibaut Collette, CEO of Husprey

A graduate of Telecom Paris & HEC Paris, Thibaut spent four years at Withings as a Product Manager. An experience where he notably meets Joffrey Villard, who will become his partner. After Withings was acquired by Nokia, he left to join Joffrey Villard at a small BI start-up in San Francisco and 18 months later they returned to France and launched Husprey.

About Galeão.exe

Galion.exe is a venture capital firm that brings together a professional investment team and a community of iconic entrepreneurs. As part of the Galion Project, a reference collective for technology entrepreneurs, the manager offers founders of early-stage startups access to knowledge, support and an unrivaled network to ensure the best possible development of their company.

About Axeleo Capital

Axeleo Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm (pre-seed, seed), created in January 2017, which invests in France and Europe in the following themes: Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity, B2B Fintech, Crypto & Web 3.0, Proptech & Technical building . Offers early-stage startup founders a unique support structure that combines capital investment from pre-seed/seed phases, operational and strategic support through series B, and an active ecosystem of over 100 high-level partners and mentors involved in several successful historical initiatives in France and Europe. To date, Axeleo Capital manages €135m in VC themed funds and has over 45 investments in its portfolio, including Alsid (sold to Tenable), Cloudskiff (sold to Snyk), Jenji (sold to Silae), Trustpair, 365Talents, , Joko, Garantme, Beantsock and Prello.

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