Wireless headphones: five pairs tested and approved for Christmas

Music, podcasts or a series in your ears for the holidays and beyond. Always in high demand by Santa Claus, wireless headphones have established themselves for the mobile consumption of content on smartphones or tablets. We tested several headphones connected via Bluetooth and selected the most convincing one at the moment. We opted for credible alternatives to the famous AirPods (from 139 euros), the best-selling “true wireless” in France. Here is a list of suggested in-ear headphones tested for all types of usage.

universal headphones

These wireless headphones are quickly forgotten in the ears.

Yes, these in-ear headphones are extremely similar to the AirPods Pro, but they work on both iOS and Android with a variety of quality functions. The Chinese brand Oppo has teamed up with the Danish hi-fi audio specialist to develop these excellent headphones. The sound experience is reminiscent of an intelligent balance between mids and bass and, above all, the hardest thing to reproduce, the highs. Sometimes we are surprised to discover subtleties in a song in our playlist.

Comfortable and light, they also tick another box: to be forgotten in our ears. Noise reduction eliminates extraneous surrounding sounds and filters voices in a short radius well. Protected against sweat, they are not designed for sport, but their support in the ear canal reassures them and encourages wearing them during a run. Easy to put in your pocket, the charging and carrying case can be recharged even wirelessly. The HeyMelody application (iOS and Android) allows you to perform an isolation test and customize your hearing with an interesting equalizer.

🇧🇷 Oppo’s Enco X2, on sale from 199.99 euros.

A pair for athletes

The Soundcore Sport X10 embodies the strengths of the Chinese brand.
The Soundcore Sport X10 embodies the strengths of the Chinese brand.

Little known in Europe, Chinese manufacturer Soundcore has earned its reputation with rave reviews on e-commerce sites. This X10 model is intended for all athletes who will validate the good fit during exercise thanks to the 210° rotating ear hooks. Volume control comes via a well-placed, responsive physical button at the top, so there’s no need to push the headphones deeper and deeper. Equipped with effective active noise reduction at this price, they also have a transparent – to hear the potential danger coming – which one would be recommended when running in the urban jungle. The sound signature ostensibly puts the bass forward, as if they wanted to punctuate the races or the split. With about 7 hours of autonomy, they will finish, like their transporter, a marathon.

🇧🇷 The Sport X10 by Soundcore/Anker, on sale from 99 euros.

An all-terrain model

The Jabra Elite 5 are mid-range wireless headphones.
The Jabra Elite 5 are mid-range wireless headphones.

Transport, work and indoor sports… Jabra’s Elite 5 shines with its versatility. These “intras” adhere well to the ear on the go and their daily use is intuitive thanks to the “mechanical” buttons that activate easy-to-remember control functions. Good sound reproduction delights the senses with beautiful highs when listening to music. We also like the hands-free kit experience with crystal-clear calls.

Magnets in the charging and carrying case perfectly hold the earbuds in place to avoid any loss when opening them. Active noise reduction drowns out the external environment, but doesn’t completely hide it. A firmware update could easily improve it. Its autonomy flirts with 8 hours.

🇧🇷 Jabra Elite 5, on sale from 130 euros🇧🇷

Sonys at the right price

The Link Buds S are distinguished by their lightness.
The Link Buds S are distinguished by their lightness.

Discreet, comfortable and insulating, these LinkBuds S achieve just the right mix for “true wireless”. These in-ear headphones, among the smallest available, are quickly forgotten with their weight of 4.8g and you can wear them for several hours without experiencing any discomfort. However, they handle jerky head movements well in frantic music. Indispensable in a high-quality product, active noise reduction filters noise well, but not completely voices. Traveling by metro or plane will be more relaxed anyway. the fashions transparency and ambient sound allow you not to completely cut yourself off from the world without removing them. Sony’s Headphones app easily fixes a fairly neutral basic sound that can be enriched with a few manipulations within everyone’s reach.

🇧🇷 LinkBuds S by Sony, on sale from 130 euros.

A very welcome silence

Pixel Buds Pro will be able to silence inconveniences in public transport.
Pixel Buds Pro will be able to silence inconveniences in public transport.

Optimized for Android-powered Google Pixel smartphones, these headphones happily don’t shy away from other brands or iPhones. Easy to pair and comfortable, Pixel Buds Pro effortlessly cover the entire music spectrum. The different instruments are easily distinguishable. Bass and urban music lovers will particularly find what they are looking for. Unprecedented in headphones made on Google, active noise reduction strives to erase the racket and gives you a much-deserved break. A solid choice especially for daily transport subscribers. Autonomy is a big advantage to last a whole day. They are also used to make a call or join a virtual meeting.

> The Pixel Buds Pro, on sale from 165 euros.

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