Oribiky, the Seine-Saint-Denis start-up that is getting in the saddle – Seine-Saint-Denis

With a few clicks on his smartphone, Jérôme, an archivist for the city of Stains, unlocks his blue-white-red bike lined up in the courtyard of Stanois town hall and quickly climbs into the saddle. The pilgrimage to the various municipal services in search of advice for the conservation and classification of his archives made him a frequent cyclist: “It’s practical, and the electrical assistance makes you arrive refreshed at the various services in the city where I work”smiles the young city official. I was told about this advantage when I was hired, I realize during my travels that it is very real… »

A Stanois user from Oribiky

Behind the fleet of fifty bicycles – for a 3-year contract worth around 165,000 euros – made available to the Stains mayors, is another Stanois by adoption: Yann Poincloux, creator of the Oribiky brand. That is why today it sells a ready-to-use solution to local authorities and companies, including the supply of a fleet of bicycles as well as their maintenance and regulation.

“What we’ve been doing at Stains since the spring is demonstrating that it works. Any city in France can adopt our solution is proud of Yann Poincloux. Depending on the size of the fleet, it is enough to designate one or more municipal agents for maintenance who will be trained in bicycle mechanics. One week of training and three weeks of field support are enough to make them independent. 🇧🇷

Remotely managed batteries

The 40-year-old serial entrepreneur, who started after his bachelor’s degree to resell imported computer equipment stored in his parents’ garden in the Ile-de-France region, relies heavily on digitalization to manage his bikes: ” For examplehe says, showing the keyboard of his smartphone, we always know what the state of the batteries is. When they reach less than 20% autonomy, the motorcycles are immobilized. And then they are changed by our services. 🇧🇷

The Neiman system -an anti-theft device- on the front wheel, the electromechanical battery lock or the GPS chip on the bike must also protect the mounts. “Since the battery is built into the frame and locked with a Bluetooth latch, it’s impossible to remove without our mobile app.more details Yann Poincloux. And then, if the bike is moved without being unlocked, an alarm goes off at the same time that alerts are sent to our servers. The other advantage is that by integrating the security system into the bike, you avoid the cost of maintaining a station and the civil engineering work that goes along with installing it. 🇧🇷

Finally, integrated within the protected facilities of local communities, Stanoise company bicycles protect against the risks of vandalism.

A whole set of precautions designed after closing the nine-month page of Oribiky bicycles in self-service in Paris in 2019. A very small fleet and bicycles often looted ended up ending up with “despite everything a positive experience, because we showed our know-how. But at some point you don’t live on love and fresh water, and self-service bikes aren’t necessarily revenue-generating.”looks at businessman Stanois in hindsight.

Villetaneuse as rear base

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Today, ready to get back in the saddle at its facilities in Villetaneuse, where a small team of three people assemble and manage the fleet of machines imported from Asia, with the exception of engines manufactured in the Netherlands, Oribiky no longer wants to skip steps: “There is no mystery, if we want to be competitive, everything still passes through Asiafrankly exposes the businessman. But if we evolve, we can gradually go back to European suppliers. 🇧🇷

To do so, the start-up will first seek to expand around its Stains base in Seine-Saint-Denis, “a territory not necessarily considered at its fair value, but still with enormous potentialjudges the founder of Oribiky, one of whose ambitions since its creation is “to give a social character” your small business, for example by regularly visiting the Second Chance School in Seine-Saint-Denis.

“Clearly, we will continue to do the integration when we put an Oribiky solution in place. And then when we deploy our bikes in a city, at least one employee can be assigned to maintenance and trained on tomorrow’s job. 🇧🇷

One more track to involve Oribiky in a virtuous cycle…

Photos: ©Oribiky

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