GIC Cameroon Cocoa, Raynis (Benin) and Second Hand (Madagascar), winners of the (…)

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Standing Conference of African and Francophone Consular Chambers (CPCCAF)

This Franco-fil 2022 contest organized by the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale and the CPCCAF aims to promote entrepreneurial initiative and innovation by contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to strengthen ties of cooperation and partnerships ( SDG nº 17) in the Francophone and Francophile economic space around the world.

Franco-Fil Entrepreneur Award at the service of rational agroeconomics: Syou GIC Cameroon Cocoa, Mr. Lorentz G. MBOUMBA B. – Cameroon

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Mr. Lorentz G. Mboumba B. and SEIN Vice President Mr. Gilles-Henry Garrault, watching a video about SEIN productsyou GIC Cameroon Cocoa.

The company supports Cameroonian actors in sustainable agro-industry in order to enable them to increase their business potential tenfold thanks to local hybrid e-commerce.


Franco-Fil Energy Transition Entrepreneur Award: Syou Raynis, Sr. Raynald Ballo – Benin

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Mr. Raynald Ballo receiving the SEIN Vice Presidents Award, Mr.I Sylvianne Villaudière and Mr. Gilles-Henry Garrault🇧🇷

The company has developed a platform called RMobility – Shared Mobility that allows road users to practice regular or occasional carpooling in West Africa. Available in all stores, this application fits into the principle of multimodality, intermodality to provide a common mobility service in the West African metropolises, bringing together 4 modes of travel, namely motorcycle, intercity taxi, private car and bus for the practice of commuting. carpooling and the car-sharing service between individuals.


Franco-Fil Entrepreneur Award for sustainable fashion and accessories: Syou Second Hand, M.I Jessica Solomon – Madagascar

The Second Hand brand specializes in upcycling, which literally means recycling from top to bottom. It offers unique and colorful pieces that positively impact the environment. A new, more personal and committed approach to clothing, which values ​​artisanal design and Malagasy artisanal know-how.

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Mr. Olivier Mousson, President of SEIN, and Vice President Mr. Gilles-Henry Garrault, present the Prize to Mr.I Jessica Solomon, CEO of Syou Used.


Jury members’ favorites

> Entrepreneur’s favorite Franco-fil at the service of sound agro-economy: Syou Safina Cosmetic, M.I Nafissa Oumar Farouk – Niger

The Niger-based company specializes in selling exclusively natural, biodegradable and exclusively handmade products.

> Franco-fil’s favorite Businessman at the service of energy transition: Syou Services of Mawam, Mr. Lionel Junior Mintsop Nguela – Cameroon.

The BIOENGY GAY project aims to produce, purify and bottle biogas on an industrial scale for Cameroon’s cooking energy needs.

> Franco-fil de l’Entrepreneur’s favorite in the service of sustainable fashion and accessories: Syou Leather, MI Aya Laraki – Morocco.

The company specializes in fish leather. The brand uses an innovative tanning process that transforms fish remains into exotic leather, it is a very resistant, hypoallergenic and ecological leather, aimed at fashion players.

We recall that 100 applications were selected from the following ten African countries: Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo 🇧🇷 and another selection of 100 candidates from other countries in the francophone and francophile area.

In total, the Franco-fil 2022 contest is:

+ 1,000 pre-applications

228 retained files (phase 1)

21 cases retained (final jury) (10 in grounded agroeconomics 🇧🇷 6 in energy transition and 5 in sustainable fashion and accessories).

List of the 21 cases held back in the final phase


Benign, Kaavite

Benign, Bademe Natural Foods

Burundi, Papaya production and marketing company in Burundi

Cameroon/France, GIC Cameroon Cocoa Corporation

Morocco, Fadma Mbarek Agri

Niger, Safina Cosmetic

Democratic Republic of Congo, raise business

Senegal, Peri Agribusiness Sarl

Chad, Six Sigma Consulting Company

go, NSST Sarl U


Cameroon, mawam’s services

Costa do Marfim, Pele Industries

France, raynis

Mali, System Services

Democratic Republic of Congo, Genesys Group



Costa do Marfim, DAYS

France, The Blayo Workshop

Madagascar, Used

Morocco, Leather

Senegal, Machete


The Francofil program was created in 2019 by two public benefit associations, the Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale and the Permanent Conference of African and Francophone Consular Chambers (CPCCAF). A competition for 2020 has been organized to allow the emergence and development of sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial projects.

The next edition of the Franco-Fil Contest will be in 2024. In 2023, Franco-Fil will focus on supporting young entrepreneurs, through webinars and training (intellectual/industrial property, standards and certification, arbitration and mediation, etc.) organized with partners.




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FROM OUR CMAAP November 6th, 9th, 2022


View from the room during the conference. © Frederic Reglain



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🇧🇷 In the CMAAP 6/Jessica LARSSON, EU Commission in Paris: “ The Global Gateway serves a common ambition for 2030 and the 2063 agenda of the African Union 🇧🇷


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