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With the approach of autumn, beware of illegal sites selling firewood, pellets or pellets. The money is debited, but the goods are never delivered.

The period for renewing firewood stocks has begun. Faced with the risk of shortages and rising prices that do not spare this sector, we advise consumers who wish to equip themselves on the Internet to be extra careful. The dying economic context, profit factor for scammers, increases the probability of falling into a fraudulent website. This type of trap is not new, but it continues to prevail. Testimonials on the forum and those from consumers seeking help from our local associations prove this.

The websites in question promise not only fast delivery but also low-priced products to attract customers. The internet user pays the order amount. His bank account is debited, but he never receives the wood, pellets, or other heating material he wants. The so-called seller becomes inaccessible, leaving the victim with no recourse.

Banks refuse to refund

Among the testimonials we have received, but also the alerts that can be found online when consulting, several website names appear. Some are closed (,, etc.), but others are still active (,, etc.), URLs are flooding. Consumers deceived by these sites often place orders for several hundred euros, or even more than 1,000 euros. Mr. D. had a bitter experience with this, buying firewood pellets for €1,500 at He never received anything and his refund requests failed.

Be wary when all products are sold at the same price with equivalent promotions.

Because, in addition to being defrauded, internet users are faced with the refusal of compensation by their banker, who generally claims not to return amounts resulting from a payment authorized by his client – such as an online payment or a transfer – despite complaints filed with the police station.

Most victims mention payment via bank transfer. The misleading websites we consulted claim such a payment method, with the bank accounts to be financed being presented under different names – of people or companies – and IBANs, domiciled in France or abroad (in Spain in particular).

Also be suspicious when the site offers free delivery of a heavy and bulky product.

our advice

You ordered wood or heating pellets and the delivery is late. After 30 days of waiting, you are entitled to request a refund of your order from the seller. Unfortunately, scam sites are often inaccessible and run off with the money. The chances that your bank will agree to refund you are low, but that should not stop him from alerting you and claiming such compensation from him, as well as filing a complaint with the police station.

When ordering firewood, pay attention to the details, as some sites are very well designed and have no spelling errors. Beware of very competitive prices, various attractive promotions and very close delivery dates.

Before confirming your purchase on an unfamiliar website, check the online reviews for it. Fraudulent content addresses are frequently and quickly targeted by abused Internet users.

If your Internet browser advises you not to visit a website, mentioning, for example, that “Malicious individuals may be trying to steal your personal information…”trust this warning and come back.

Finally, payment by bank transfer, with the obligation to prove the bank transaction before receiving the order, should alert you. Online shopping journeys on trusted websites do not require such tortuous processes.

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