Tesla Model PI: All about Elon Musk’s smartphone promised by the end of December

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After 2021, rumor has it that a revolutionary smartphone will be in development: the Tesla Model PI. The company that until then was dedicated to the production of electric cars seems to be moving towards a new market. Elon Musk’s company doesn’t just want to offer a top-of-the-range product, but a phone with unique features.

It may be a technological breakthrough hitherto unmatched in the smartphone market. the smart phone Model Tesla PI developed by the Californian company should stand out in terms of power and thanks to completely new features. More than a cell phone, it would be a new type of device integrating the technologies developed by Elon Musk.

Tesla Model PI: New or Fancy Features?

The Tesla Model PI (5G) is the subject of many rumors and stirs the Web and for good reason: the smartphone would be equipped with incredible features that give rise to the craziest theories.

Will “Neuralink” technology arrive soon on Elon Musk’s smartphone?

Officially launched in July 2019, the American start-up Neuralink aims to create brain-machine interfaces. These are the so-called invasive implants, that is, the devices are connected directly to the brain and will cross the skull to capture a better quality signal.

After the rumours, the Tesla Model PI will be equipped with this technology and even allow users to remotely control everyone’s smartphone. For now, Neuralink has designed a first minichip prototype (23 mm in diameter by 8 mm thick), called The Link (V0.9). To work, it must be implanted in the cortex and connected by small filaments (more fins than a strand of hair). This may enable the transmission of data sent directly to the user’s neurons via high-speed Bluetooth technology (on the order of one megabit per second).

Certain technologies already allow, for example, to control music by thought. But unlike Neuralink, they don’t require surgery to work. So it’s hard to imagine that the Tesla Model PI is actually equipped with The Link, at least for now…

The ability to mine cryptocurrencies

We are aware of the special relationship that Elon Musk has with cryptocurrencies and according to rumors it would be very likely that the company’s first smartphone would offer the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies. Which assumes a high computing power of the phone

Some go even further, claiming that the first cryptocurrency to be mined will be “marscoin”, an electronic currency specially designed for the red planet by Dr. Robert Zubrin. Which would make sense if we believe in Elon Musk’s termination in wanting to carry out his Mars colonization project.

Connectivity via Starlink?

Another hypothesis is made on the Web: Tesla’s new smartphone has mobile network coverage distributed directly by Starlink satellites. Internet users are getting excited and even think it will be possible to make connections between Earth and Mars. But let’s keep our feet on the ground, this announcement means that the network allows connection anywhere on the planet, which is not bad.

What autonomy for Tesla’s next smartphone?

The Tesla company is known for having developed robust and powerful batteries for its electric cars. There would therefore be a good chance that it was the same for the Tesla Model PI’s battery. The battery is rumored to have a capacity of 4300 mAh, with 30 W charging. To top it off, the back cover is expected to be made of a high-efficiency solar panel. Enough to recharge your battery by exposing your smartphone to the sun.

Tesla Model PI: A functional back shell of a solar panel🇧🇷

Which photo appears for the Tesla Model PI?

In recent years, smartphone cameras known as a link ahead in terms of megapixels offer functionality – such as zooming or even help with retouching via artificial intelligence.

With a front-facing camera located below the display and a quad-lens rear camera, the Tesla

PI should therefore not be an exception to the rule. Even better, this one would offer new features that say: the price of sharp photos and videos in an absolute black environment or the possibility of taking pictures of space that are perfect and also what they cost using a telescope.

What screen?

The Tesla Model PI is equipped with a state-of-the-art 6.2-inch AMOLED screen covering the entire front panel with Full HD definition, HDR10+ certification and a 120 Hz cooling system.

Which processor?

Regarding the processor, it is currently impossible to predict which one will equip the Model PI. Some are talking about a revolutionary internal SoC, but the hypothesis of a dominated Snapdraon 8 Gen 1 seems much more likely.

What storage space?

Eager to offer his future customers more comfortable storage, Elon Musk made the decision to grant a storage space of at least 2TB for the Tesla Model PI 5G. It even seems that this storage space can be extended as needed, up to 10TB in options.

In terms of RAM memory, the Tesla Model PI 5G will have nothing to envy to the most powerful smartphones on the market. With a minimum of 16 GB of RAM, the Tesla Model PI 5G may be equipped, as an option, with a RAM of 512 GB.

Smartphone release date and price

Still according to rumors, the Tesla Model PI should be launched at the end of the year, and several sources say that an official presentation will take place in the United States around December 21st. As for the price, it varies depending on the sources: it should be between €800 and €1400 and up to €2000 with the options. A pretty decent range for a high-end phone; especially when you know that Apple sells their phones at exorbitant prices with far fewer options and no chargers or headphone jacks.

If it is not said that this new smartphone incorporates all the technologies mentioned above, it does not prevent the Tesla Model PI from having the potential to impose itself on the market as a serious alternative to the most high-end brands known. However, we will have to be patient before discovering the final design and the functionalities actually chosen, without a doubt we will have good surprises in store.

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