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In Paris, this Friday, December 9, the thermometer marked a very small degree on the counter. But the winter cold did not discourage the approximately one hundred businessmen who came from all over France at the invitation of Amazon to accompany this training camp which marked the 2 years since the launch of the Digital Accelerator. A quick glance at the crowd shows that all ages and all social backgrounds are represented. 🇧🇷Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values ​​at Amazonrejoices Clara Getzel, head of VSE / SME services at, It’s great to see such a diverse audience!🇧🇷

The assembly was attended by experienced businessmen as well as students and first-time businessmen who came to listen to the speakers’ advice before launching their activity. It’s been two years since The Digital Accelerator trains French entrepreneurs in e-commerce, more than 35,000 since the launch of the program. For this “face-to-face” day, Amazon organizes four different workshops: “Having the right mindset to do business”, “How to create an online store”, “How to manage your social networks” and, to close the day, a dedicated workshop product design and user experience. 🇧🇷The aim of this day is to give entrepreneurs all the necessary tools to launch their project and help French VSEs and SMEs increase their digital skills.”, confides Clara Getzel.

That’s exactly what Fátima and Anna, mother and daughter, came to look for, who soon intend to launch their own brand of cosmetics. 🇧🇷It’s always useful to deepen your technical knowledge, so we learn as much as possible about digital and e-commerce! The goal is to have the basics and knowledge necessary to launch our brand with ease next year.🇧🇷 Adrien, in his early thirties, runs a construction company in the Val d’Oise specializing in building protection. His industry is still little focused on digital, and he intends to get ahead of his competitors: “I came because I plan to launch my own e-commerce website. And why not, in the future, train other construction entrepreneurs to embark on digitization!” Adrien has already followed the Digital Accelerator online training modules.

If he came this Friday to training camp organized by Amazon, it is to listen to different experts’ advice, but also to meet other entrepreneurs. 🇧🇷The life of an entrepreneur can be difficult on a day-to-day basissays Clara Getzel. They face many and varied issues: accounting, management, website launch, administration, etc. This bootcamp is also an opportunity for them to share their experience, compare their points of view and expand their network.” An observation shared by Anoushka, a professional photographer who is rethinking her digital strategy. 🇧🇷It helps me a lot to listen to others, their experiences. I believe that this sharing also helps me to identify what I want for my career. I need support, a community!”

In fact, most of the businessmen gathered this Friday came both for the Digital Accelerator training and for the opportunity to create a bond with other business leaders. Assala plans to launch his personality management agency soon: “I’m currently a digital marketing student, and I need tips for my future business. But I also came to develop my network!🇧🇷

In this model training camp in Paris, Amazon intends to duplicate the event in the region, with a quarterly pace. A way to take these days to the territories, to different French cities. 🇧🇷We want to help local entrepreneurs get to know each other, help each other”, confides Clara Getzel. 🇧🇷More contact, more location”: this could be the new objective of the Digital Accelerator. To ensure the success of these future days, Amazon has surrounded itself with several partners present throughout the territory. The Entreprendre network, represented that day by General Manager Olivier Lamarque, is one of them: this association brings together more than 16,000 French business leaders and helps start-ups to grow. Another Amazon partner for these future bootcamps, the Women of the territories network, already present in 50 French cities, which aims to connect more than 75,000 women in 5 years.

🇧🇷Amazon wants to support the French economy in all its territoriessupports Clara Getzel, is part of our values, as well as inclusion and diversity🇧🇷 Last but not least🇧🇷 the French chain Tech Grand Paris is also one of the program’s partners.

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