Discover the names of the winners of the 2022 edition of the Loiret Business Trophies

There were 18 who submitted their candidacy for the 2022 Business Trophies. Only seven of them were awarded by the jury made up of representatives from The Central Republicorganizer, and its partners: Orcom, BPM group, Crédit Agricole Center Loire, Dev’up, Loiret Chamber of Commerce and Industry (key witness partner), Orléans Métropole and Ademe.

Relive the great moments of the Business Trophies awards night

Environmental Transition Category

Valembal, Saint-Cyr-en-Val

Pascal Tebibel, Vice President of Orléans Métropole, presents the trophy to Jérôme Lamballe and Pascal Maurice, General Manager and Commercial Director of Valembal

Creation date : in 1979, by the father of Benoît Martineau, who sold the company in 2020, La Saussaye area in Saint-Cyr-en-Val, to a pair of investors, Frédéric Gautier and Guillaume De Fougières.

Activity: manufacture of flexible packaging for industry and in clean areas for the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Manufacture, unique in France, of insulated bags and pouches.

Invoicing: €5,512,710.

Effective: 25

Know : with the help of France Relance, the internal design office is looking for alternative materials to polyethylene (kraft, for example) and has just launched an insulating bag without a rigid handle. The bags are currently 100% recyclable and contain 25-45% recycled material over the past 5 years. Several actions in favor of energy saving.

Leader : Jeronimo Lamballe.

Other nominees in the Environmental Transition category

Category Economy Hope

JP engineering, Jouy-le-Potier

Bruno Rouillé, General Manager of Orcom, presents the “hope” trophy to Julien Jérôme and Stéphane Pierre, General Manager and President of JP Ingénierie, a company specializing in soil studies, in Jouy-le-Potier.
Creation date : in January 2021, as did its sister company, Solverif.

Activity: the company, specialized in soil engineering, carries out the necessary soil studies before the construction of houses, buildings, swimming pools, etc. Its commercial development is ensured through franchising under the Solverif brand.

Invoicing: projection of 560,000 euros.

Effective: 7 employees with permanent contracts; 1 employee in CDD, contract soon transformed into CDI.

Know : Since January 1, 2020, the Elan law has made soil studies mandatory for the sale of land located in areas considered to be of moderate to high risk… A benefit for JP Ingénierie. Recently, the company has diversified into the search for nets and cavities, as well as crack construction expertise.

Leaders: Julien Jerome and Stephane Pierre.

Other nominees in the Economy Hope category

performance category

The New Brewers, Nangeville (LE MALESHERBOIS)

Harold Huwart presents the “performance” trophy to Marc Charpentier, managing director of Les Nouveaux brasseurs,
Creation date : In 2017, company foundation; in 2018, creation of the brand La Brasserie Fondamentale (LBF), a line of craft beers. In 2020, installation of its production in the Loiret.

Activity: It produced 20,000 hectoliters in 2022 and aims for a production capacity of 40,000 hectoliters, or twelve million bottles. The company also owns several bars in France.

Invoicing: 6.5 million euros, including bars.

Effective: 15 employees in Loiret.

Know : The company makes the most of locally grown cereals and works with the Soufflet group’s malt factory located in Pithiviers-le-Vieil. LBF beers are present in more than 3,000 points of sale in France.

Leaders: Marc Charpentier, Martin Pellet and Youssef Chraibi.

Other nominees in the Performance category

Human Capital Category

Travers Nurseries,

Daphnée and Nadine Travers, human resources managers at the Travers incubators, receive the “human capital” trophy from Mohamed Amjahdi, regional director at Ademe.
Creation date : 1870, in Saint-Cyr-en-Val.

Activity: The nursery produces 1.3 million plants per year on twelve hectares. It specializes in clematis and climbing plants.

Invoicing: 4,400,000 euros.

Effective: 38.

Know : The fifth and sixth generations are currently in charge of the family-owned SME, whose employees, of all profiles, have an average tenure of 14 years. The company produced a video about its business and optimizes employee onboarding.

Leader : Arnaud Travers.

The other nominees in the Human Capital category

Innovation category

Mesnard Catteau,


Marc-Antoine de Hannuna, from Crédit Agricole Center Loire, presents the “innovation” trophy to Sébastian Luche, managing director of Mesnard Catteau, a company located in Saint-Loup-des-Vignes.

Creation date : in 1948, creation of the Mesnard establishments which, in 1974, purchased the Catteau company.

Activity: the company specializes in the manufacture of “needled nonwovens”, used, among others, in interior carpeting, suitcase bottoms, etc. The car represents 70% of its activity. Faced with a change in this sector, it is opening up to new markets. She launched her “thermocompression” project, a technique that heats and flattens matter. It invests in equipment to make acoustic panels from recycled fiber.

Invoicing: 6.8 million euros.

Effective: 34 employees; 3 vacancies.

Know : start of on-site panel production in September 2024. Sales will begin in February 2023 with subcontractors.

Leader : Sebastian Luche.

Other nominees in the Innovation category

Category Ambassador of the Territory


Audrey Lecoq, founding director of, receives the “Ambassador of the Territory” trophy from Clémentine Bornhauser, CEO of the BPM group

Creation date : in 2015 in Orleans.
Activity: Pharmazon is a purchasing group structure that supplies pharmacies with non-reimbursable drugs and parapharmacy products. In 2021, the company inaugurated an e-commerce site for the general public whose purchases pay at the pharmacy (if associated) chosen by the internet user. Pharmazon takes care of all logistics and shipping.

Invoicing: 27 million euros in 2021.

Effective: 19 employees.

Know : This year, Audrey Lecoq received two gold trophies, unanimously, from Fevad, hopeful category, and from the Summit of Growth Companies, e-commerce category. The company’s headquarters will move to Avenue Dauphine, in Orléans, this month, and its logistics will be ensured in Alloga, in Meung-sur-Loire. The company donates products close to their expiry date to associations that support homeless women.

Manager: Audrey Lecoq, founder.

The other nominees in the Territorial Ambassador category

jury favorite


The Axereal group, favorite of the Loiret Trophy companies jury. Johnny Roussel, Editor-in-Chief of La République du Centre, presents the trophy to Sophie Tuja, HRD, and Valérie Leguereau, Administrator.

Creation date : 2009, in Olivet, following the merger of Epis-Centre (Cher) and Agralys (Eure-et-Loir).

Activity: Axereal is a cooperative specializing in the cultivation and processing of cereals for the brewing, bakery and livestock industries.

Invoicing: 3,128,000,000 euros (3.1 billion euros).

Effective: 4,000.

Know : At the beginning of the 2022 school year, Axéréal launched its community of more than one hundred students (intern students, interns, international volunteers), called Discover, with the aim of better integrating them, involving them and making them ambassadors of territory and activities.

Leaders: Jean-François Loiseau President, Paul-Yves L’Anthoën, Managing Director.

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