Robert Marino, quantum star on the rise

When Robert Marino discovers the message that has just appeared on his phone, his face lights up with a wide smile. The founder of Qubit Pharmaceuticals has just learned that his company has won the prestigious HPC Innovation Awards. A medal that rewards the best projects in the world that mobilize high-performance computing. Qubit shares the podium this year with the centennial Rolls-Royce. Created in 2020, the startup led by Robert Mariano did not wait the years to prove the value of its project: Qubit relies on quantum computing and high-performance computing to develop new drugs. In 2022, this unique expertise in the world allowed the development of a molecule aimed at Covid 19 in record time.

Robert Marino is also involved in the ongoing creation of the first quantum start-up studio, the Quantum Launch Pad, alongside Xavier Aubry, an entrepreneur who launched the construction, in Touraine, of Da Vinci Labs, a totem place that will house the most innovative projects of a European scientific “Renaissance”, on the grounds of Château Louise de la Vallière. While a first generation of quantum companies is already in orbit, Quantum Launch Pad wants to “bring in the second wave of quantum entrepreneurs”, explains Robert Marino. Also on the adventure is Christophe Jurczak, Charles Beigbeder’s partner at Quantonation, the only European seed fund dedicated to quantum.

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