French start-up Nexx360 launches header bidding server-side solution

Made in France, the solution aims to be agnostic and plug and play and already equips several customers. Prisma’s management validated to gradually migrate its website integrations to the cloud.

French start-up Nexx360 announces the launch of its cloud header bidding solution. Integrated with every SSP on the market except Gafam, the Nexx360 Programmatic Cloud aims to replace publishers’ client-side integrations with the promise of allowing them to maximize the value of their advertising impressions without slowing down their page loads and reducing their carbon. footprint. “In the classic and most widespread model of header bidding, which is the client side, billions of requests are made from the devices of mainly mobile users. The call comes from the editor’s page each time the internet user queries it. % of these requests are useless because they cannot be monetized. This waste must be eliminated”, explains André Baden Semper, co-founder of the company with Gabriel Chicoye. In server-side header bidding, a single integration allows you to link the publisher’s ad server to different SSPs without going through their individual requests.

“Integrations are increasingly overloading our pages”

Prisma is the first group to publicly announce the adoption of this solution, among the 350 integrated sites, and for good reason: the group must manage no less than 20 client-side header bidding integrations with the various SSPs in the market, not to mention its integrations with Gafam. “The transition from client-side to server-side with Nexx360 is going very well, there are no losses. While we’ve always gained from doing client-side integrations, we’re seeing them making our pages more and more heavy , increasing the risk of losing audiences and pageviews and therefore reducing our monetization opportunities. This is why we are increasing these server-side integrations with Nexx360, which will be our source of integration with supported SSPs, and this to prepare our future in an ecosystem without third-party party cookies”, explains Maxime Mesmin, partner manager at Prisma Media.

It is well known that server-side header bidding has the advantage of streamlining exchanges between publisher auction opportunities and demand sources such as SSPs, without increasing site load and without compromising the user experience. This will also greatly reduce your header bidding carbon footprint, improving your site’s referral in search engines. However, if so far few publishers have implemented this type of solution, it is for two reasons: they are much more complex projects to implement and the cookie matching rate is known to be lower.

Nexx360 therefore answers the first hurdle by offering an agnostic and plug and play solution. “Our solution is as simple or even more than a client-side wrapper, with the goal of making the server-side accessible to as many people as possible in all formats (display, video, native, web, in- app, AMP) and by integrating all the partners desired by the publishers, excluding Gafam, including local SSPs”, specifies André Baden Semper. Note that some SSPs are currently not supported on the server side, such as Teads and Invibes Advertising among others, integrations considered important by Prisma that will be maintained on the client side.

Less padding but better CPM

The promise of Nexx360 is also to enable publishers to better manage the competition in their inventory to better fill inventory while improving CPMs. “We’ve already seen a better RPM on the page, quite light at the moment, but encouraging. We’ve lowered fill rates slightly, but we have a better CPM: +3%, which is not negligible given our volumes”, testifies Maxime Mesmin. “We believe this will intensify as we approach the end of third-party cookies. RPM per page is the best metric for us because it means we’re selling less but selling better,” he adds.

All Grupo Prisma sites are integrated with Nexx360. Migration from client-side to server-side model is in progress. “Nexx360 is a start-up: we can talk to them on a daily basis, unlike Gafam platforms which are much less technically flexible. For example, we can very quickly integrate an SSP with Nexx360 where with Gafam it would take years. “, concludes Maxime Mesmin.

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