“CES is not a gamble that changes the life of a startup”

Unmissable event, high mass of technology’ or even The place to be… there’s no shortage of superlatives to talk about the Consumer Electronics Show or more commonly CES Las Vegas. Every year, a whole group of innovation players gather in the famous American city for what is therefore recognized as a benchmark in the area. La French Tech brings its startups there, including a delegation from the South region. 🇧🇷It was a pride, it represents the Grail“, says Stéphane Malaussena, co-founder of Volumic 3D, a 3D printing company based in Nice. His first trip to the Nevada desert dates back to 2019, but his voice still conveys the enthusiasm of the time. “It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the life of an entrepreneur.“, he believes.

🇧🇷it was eldorado“, recalls Pierre Bellagambi, head of mosquito control specialist Qista. He first set foot on Nevada soil in 2018. Startups can only exhibit twice.”This is not the heart of the show, but that of innovation. where there is a lot of passing and media fallout“, describes Antoine Jeannin of Boarding Ring, a Var company that designs VR solutions for seasickness, who discovered the site the same year. A reputation gained even from “French contacts who would not necessarily have approached us in France“, emphasizes when noticing the paradox of the situation Olivier Barts, co-founder of Green Systems Automotives and its Flexfuel box for motorcycles. Everyone remembers an incessant flow of meetings with people from all over the world.It’s better to rinse the mouth because we only talk“, laughs Pierre Bellagambi. But the public “come consciously’ he continues.

The prizes, the event within the event

For the businessmen interviewed, coming to CES represents an opportunity to probe the market. 🇧🇷It is an excellent exercise to confront your innovation internationally.“, judge Pierre Bellagambi. And so to see if there is in fact a demand.”It gave us a real understanding of the US market with a very tech-savvy population that gives us very specific feedback on the product.“, develops Guillaume Nesa, specialist in the analysis of human breathing by Olythe infrared spectrometry. Because, as Stéphane Malaussena explains, “the word international is a big word, but you have to work country by country“. Each requires a different approach, including support functions such as marketing or after-sales service.

In addition to these meetings, CES is also an opportunity to gain notoriety by confronting technology and industry giants. 🇧🇷We just rub shoulders with them, but in addition to claiming to earn the same rewards“, notes the CEO of Volumic 3D. The Awards are an event within the event that offers real validation of the products.”They bring a very nice lighting, allows you to stand out from the crowd.“, explains Olivier Barts, several times awarded, which can also increase the value of young companies that frequently seek funding and financing.

come back regularly

But this is not an end in itself. “The start goes from shadow to light with a prize, but it’s just the beginning of the journey. We give you the ball but you have to try it”, warns Olivier Barts. Many start-ups return to CES a second time, and then several times outside of Eureka Park. 🇧🇷The opportunities are many, but you shouldn’t see this meeting as a bet that changes your company’s life, you have to go there every year to get a vision of the technological world.“, confides Stéphane Malaussena.”For those of us who are into machines, we need to be able to export them internationally and then create jobs. it doesn’t develop like that“, illustrates.

For Boarding Ring, which seeks to sign contracts with manufacturers, leaving Eureka Park to later exhibit in the space dedicated to virtual reality in 2021 made this possible”meet fewer people, but they were more interested“. For many, the Covid-19 crisis has slowed down the expected results during the two impacted editions. But also exchanges that may have been started or established earlier. planned”for sure for 2024“. He explains that”our first two times allow us to be ready to come back with everything we need to launch new contracts and new productions“. The leader will cross on the plane Olivier Bartz. “We want to validate our commercial and distribution vision for the North American market“, advances, ready to transform the race.