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The Winter Edition by the BigBoss 2022 gathered 690 participants this weekend at Club Med in Alpe d’Huez. In the program, qualified networking in an idyllic setting.

From December 9th to 11th, during the Winter Edition by lesBigBoss 2022, 355 digital, e-commerce, marketing, communications, data and IT decision makers and 260 partner companies indulged in the traditional seven-minute speed dating game. Short interviews that allowed both parties to save time, either quickly finding service providers for one or generating leads for the other. These three eventful days combined business networking with relaxation activities.

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This desire to save time for all parties in a relaxed atmosphere made the BigBoss model successful. The company sells these leaders’ precious attention to service providers for a weekend. Thanks to the internal matchmaking technology, each player thus obtains twenty qualified appointments. “We are not an events company, but a company specializing in lead generation”, insists Hervé Bloch, founder of Digilinx, the company that organizes BigBoss events.

Each decision maker signs on average between one and two contracts after an event. “If a company leaves with two or three closed deals, the return on investment is already very good”, observes Hervé Bloch. On the other hand, decision makers who do not match the service providers with which they have committed will not be invited to the next editions. The rule is clear and known to all.

During this winter 2022 edition, almost 6,000 meetings were organized for Friday noon in Lyon alone. Participants proceeded to Club Med in Alpe d’Huez, which served as base camp during these three days punctuated by networking sessions and outdoor activities, including the unmissable afternoon of skiing. Participants were also able to celebrate France’s great victory over the English during the World Cup right after the BigBoss Awards, which were shortened for the occasion (see the complete list of winners at the end of the article).

Although Club Med has been a partner since 2017 as a hosting solution, the company also regularly participates in lesBigBoss events. Quentin Briard, CEO of Digital Marketing and Technology at Club Med, recalled that 50% of new suppliers were acquired during these events in the last six years.

New in this edition, the evolution of the rating system now in 5 stars and no longer in three colors. A change that allows the BigBoss team to better assess the quality of an interview and thus improve the relevance of its matching system.

Always with the aim of maximizing the commercial efficiency of service providers, BigBoss also launched its own “Academy”. Led by Gwénaëlle Brémilts, this structure trained around 70% of the service providers present so that they can make the most of the event and optimize their ROI. Before paying, theBigBoss decided to include this service in its offer.

No budget reduction

Despite the gloomy macroeconomic environment in a context of rising inflation, none of the players present at the site noticed a decrease in budgets, even though special attention is now paid to the return on investment. “Budgets haven’t dropped, but the goal is to reduce time to market and optimize ROI,” summarizes Walid Erray, Head of Data Science at Crédit Agricole. An opinion shared by the directors of service providers, such as Sergio Montoya, former digital manager at YaKaRouler who has now moved to the service provider side with the creation of his company Make Me Win. “There is greater cost control on the part of companies and a need to monitor expenses in almost real time”, he explains to JDN.

Regarding the major themes of the event, data continued to be a major challenge. But while Web3 startups were highly courted during the summer 2022 issue, they logically suffered from the collapse of the current crypto ecosystem, retaining interest from companies. Julien Delubac, who supports brands in their Web3 strategies with his agency PariShangai, took advantage of this event to reassure brands during their interviews. “Our objective is to convince them that this is exactly the right time to build a Web3 strategy to be prepared for these new uses when the market recovers”, he confides.

Finally, participants were able to attend two customer workshops during this winter edition, one on digital transformation and the other on SEO/SEA. An immersive and amazing talk called “Leadership is Magic” presented by Samuel Gaulay, CEO of Magic Tech, allowed the audience to learn more about the psychological techniques of magicians to create memorable experiences.

Projects full of boxes for BigBoss

As BigBoss prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary next year, the company multiplies its projects:

🇧🇷BigBoss On-Demand Content”: With this offer produced in partnership with the YouGov institute, the company becomes a content producer by writing white papers, studies, trend books, etc. The aim here is to highlight the customer experience, like the trend book co-produced with Oney on “payment issues at the heart of retail transformation”.

“BigBoss365” : Developed during covid in association with its subsidiary PROXIMUM365 and its Vimeet technology solution, the BigBoss365 platform allows digital decision-makers to find service providers at any time without having to wait for the next edition of a physical event. The service thus promises companies with urgent needs to organize videoconference meetings with hand-picked service providers in less than 72 hours. Provider companies can generate additional leads between two events. This platform is also a new source of income for BigBoss and Hervé Bloch does not hide his ambitions for the future. “Now it’s a business unit in its own right,” he explains. Almost 600 sponsors are already referenced, a much higher number than during an event. Decision makers can engage their service providers through the traditional ranking and matchmaking system.

Internationalization : Among BigBoss’ other ambitions is the desire to attract international participants, including French speakers like our Belgian neighbors, but also French people living abroad.

“the BigBoss 33 and 45” : Created with recruitment company Aravati, the BigBoss 33 and 45 concept rewards digital decision makers through two awards. The first awards 33 digital managers from major brands who have become CDOs, CMOs at age 33. The second honors 45 decision makers identified as CEOs at age 45.

After the success of this winter edition, the 65 employees of Digilinx (BigBoss publisher) can now focus on the other big event: summer 2023. CSR signal. Travel will therefore be entirely by rail, unlike previous years. Future participants can therefore have fun trying to guess the destination, even if the BigBoss team will undoubtedly do everything possible to keep it a secret until the last moment…

BigBoss Award winners:

🇧🇷 BigBoss Success Award for a Service Provider (highest number of subscriptions since her first appearance) given to Anne-Isabelle Lefevre for Netlinking.

🇧🇷 BigBoss Success Award for Decision Maker given to Brice Renvoizé for VGRF.

– R Awardeventinternational euphoria given to Elie Pérez for Booxi.

🇧🇷 Business Sponsor Awardchosen by the decision makers present in a video contest, awarded to Thomas Horblin for Mr Meerkat

🇧🇷 score award evessential awarded to Sergio Montoya by MakeMeWin.

🇧🇷 Favorite Startup Award by BigBoss given to Anaelle Guez Webblock for WomenInWeb3.

🇧🇷 Favorite Startup Awardchosen by the members of the jury within the framework of a start-up competition with video pitch competition, awarded to Ygal Sabbah by Pomelo.

– Big Deal Award from‘yearthe largest contract signed between a decision maker and a service provider, awarded to Paola Fabiani by Wisecom and Carine Duquene by Monetize Angels

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