Aptar Beauty + Home adapts its packaging offer to e-commerce requirements

With the increase in online sales of cosmetics and personal care products, the need for packaging solutions adapted to the demands of omnichannel distribution is becoming increasingly urgent.

🇧🇷 Consumers are looking for a seamless shopping experience across all distribution channels, whether in-store, click&collect or online. our investigation [1] carried out on consumer experience showed that the risk of a product leaking during transport is the most feared element. Our innovations made it possible to design solutions that eliminate this trap and improve the consumer’s perception of our partner brands. », emphasizes Xavier Joseph, Vice President of Marketing and Global Innovation at Aptar Beauty + Home.

“Adapt, Integrate, Rethink”

🇧🇷 To meet this requirement, we take a three-step approach », explains Luigi Garofalo, Global Business Development Director, Aptar Beauty + Home. 🇧🇷 The first was foradapt our range of products to specific e-commerce requirements, including adding clips and increasing the robustness of pumps susceptible to breakage during transport. At the same time, the talent of our engineers made it possibleintegrate e-commerce features into the design functionality of our packaging. Finally, we have reconsidered our omnichannel approach, namely: delivering superior technical design, optimizing the customer experience when shopping in stores and e-commerce, and reducing our environmental impact 🇧🇷

The initial phase of this evolution focused on 40 products from the Aptar Beauty + Home catalog, considered “adequate for e-commerce” and certified ISTA-6, a standard implemented by Amazon with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) to guarantee that the products are resistant to the risks of transport and at all stages of distribution. In 2022, Aptar Beauty + Home increased that number by 50%.

Among these products are:

Disc Top Gothe first disc top capsule on the market specially developed for e-commerce, with an integrated locking ring that prevents leaks or accidental opening during transport.

🇧🇷 E-Simplicity, the eCommerce version of Simplicity. More resistant to the risks associated with transport, this flip top capsule is equipped with an integrated tamperproof indicator.

🇧🇷 Quickflip, a hose cover suitable for e-commerce thanks to its tamperproof feature. SimpliSqueeze valve provides controlled dispensing and clean shutoff.

🇧🇷 future, a fully recyclable single-material pump. It is compatible with e-commerce thanks to its integrated ON/OFF blocking system and it has a 360° actuator that minimizes the risk of breakage during transport.

🇧🇷 hiflow e-commerce, a pump designed specifically for high dosages and to meet the challenges of omnichannel distribution. The pressure button reduces the risk of breakage and the fixing device has a locking system that prevents any activation during transport.

🇧🇷 We inspire and then convince brands to use these solutions, both to streamline their fulfillment process and to offer consumers more sustainable and recyclable packaging. “, adds Luigi Garofalo.

Sustainability in focus

For Aptar Beauty + Home, omnichannel packaging solutions should also help brands achieve their circular economy goals.

A signatory to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative, Aptar is committed to developing dispensing solutions that are recyclable, reusable and made with recycled resin.

🇧🇷 Our innovative approach to making more sustainable, omnichannel-ready products ensures we eliminate unnecessary or unnecessary packaging components from the waste stream. “says Xavier José. 🇧🇷 Packaging suppliers no longer need to simply introduce ‘a sustainability feature or two’. They must see beyond, truly understand and integrate the holistic impact we have at hand to preserve our future. 🇧🇷

The best example of this holistic approach is Future, the single-material, recyclable, e-commerce-friendly pump designed by Aptar Beauty + Home.

🇧🇷 This pump is a real game changer as it takes recyclability to the next level and addresses the need for single material packaging design. We chose him for that. And we took Future even further by pairing the pump with a container made from 50% mechanically recycled resin (PCR). Finally, in addition to its durability characteristics, the pump design itself, perfectly adapted to e-commerce, is also important for our brand, as we ship large volumes in small packages. », points out Kevin Davis, Director of Packaging Engineering at Dermalogica, the first brand to opt for this solution.

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